The purge


To receive bitter kola in dream means

Temple gopura in dream

Trans gender dream


To dream you see a fish in your mouth

Truck with wood

The last to leave a festival


To pluck ripe

To dream husband bring home new set of silver pots


Talking to president

Train dreaming meaning

Time and love

Taking a pen from doctor

Telling someone they did a good job

Taking out someone’s teeth

Talking about what to do with money

Turn to dust



Trap door on floor

Temple nell

The eye of god

Two faced person

To dream see boat moving with people the river

To dream leading a praise song

Tapeworm inside tongue

Taking cloth off washline

Two headed dream

To recite kalma e shahadat in dream islam

Throwing someone into the water

Tv brainwashing you

Turquoise necklace

Turkey,chicken,and rice

To make paneer from sour milk and eating it

Toor dal in dream

To make a babysitting blunder

To be a governor in a dream

Topping the exam

Torn clothes of dead father in law

Turns into a cat

To eat chinchin in dream means

The spiritual meaning of cutting wild grass with cutlass



Theif broken golden chain

Their has broken gold chain in dream means


To be given airtime in the dream

The president is riding in a tricycle

Things scattered all over house

Transgender baby in dream

To dream of my ex being rude at me

Three plates of yam porridge dream meaning

To dream of 2 dead men

To dream with raw fatty meat

To buy stockfish in the dream

Tin fish

Two giants fighting

Two people eating kolanut in the dream means

Thirty million

To dream seeing my president in function.

Two children

To dream you are working as a waiter means

Torch looking for someone in a field

Torn clothing

Toren wallpaper

Trapped in a burning building

To cross flooded river successfully in the dream means what

Teaching friend to swim in dream



To see my deceased father wearing torn clothes

Touch screens

Tv shows

Tan leather chair dream interpretation

Two white business woman

To drink the chalice


Two women fighting for one man

Tulasi mala dream

To see your girlfriend in a dream with a beard face | dream interpretation

To talk with representative in my dream

Thrown at you

Thick swollen lips


Trekking in the dream

The king dine together in

To break egg

Throwing egg in the river

Transgender attacking me in dream

Touching old man feet

Things falling from heavin

Threatening snake

Taking off whte clothes from the line

The dead asking for sweet roti


To dream of selling stick meat

Three people

Trying to help others in a dream but are unable to

The meaning of olive oil

To a woman with child going to church


To dream of shopping clothes for your baby

Traditional clothing

The spelling test bwas a dream


Traveling in minivan

Trying to find a car

To see my dead parents in a dream

Teaching children songs

To see someones face

To dream of something stuck in the teeth and refusing to be removed

To scold 3 hijra


Talking mistress

Tart in mouth

Too much furniture

Try to cross the water

Turn around at dead end

Taking of guava fruit in my dreams

To dream of receiving avocado


Third nipple

Talking to a king in a dream

Time looo

To dream of being interviewed by a woman

The meaning of governor giving money to someone in the dream

To buy fufu in dream means

To reject onions

Two tubers of ysm

Trying to mop a slippery balcony in the dream

To see the head of an elephant in water

Taking picture of mountain



The number in lottery play when you dream a dead hungry man

Torn shorts

Tried to bake big cake but it was small

Topless and berefoot

Tiny bookcase

Teacher giving me her phone number

Trying to catch modes of transport

Teacher slapping me

The thirties

Timing of 1326hours

Taking off my wet clothes from line

To see crocodiles in the way to home in dream

To wash vegina in dream mean


Turmeric kumkum face in dream

To fall from rickshaw in dream

To make ridges for cultivation in dream what it mean


To break the shell of a land snail

To dream of breaking shell of palm kernel and eating nut

To dreaming carrying and bringing human body for cooking

To hold a holy book in dream

Talking infront of a lot of people

Truck dream



Tiger shrimp

Two ex boyfriends

Transparent tiny snake in salad

Travel to unknown place

Ten pin bowling

Talking to a sangoma in a dream

Teary eye

To dream a snake sucking you breast


To pick ube in the dream

Turkey eery

To dream of falling inside gutter

Tall green monster

Time travel

To loose uniform in a dream

Thirsty bird in dreams

Taking a bath mother who passed away


Three sisters in a dream

Two dogs have sex

Touch the fish in the murky water

Travel with a group

Trying to close a window

Two lizards in dreams



Toiletries in a dream


To see baby clothes hanged

Tearing my t-shirt in my sleep

To thumbprint in job offer

Together inside tha bath room

Tearing saree in dream

Tearing saree

Throwing away meat

Tower with full of lights

Talking about marrige

Taking photographs of mountain

To dream of seeing your dead mother packing a bag

Two men fighting over me in my dream and someone witnessing

Two men fighting over me in my dream

Trying to save mother in dream

To be runing with yam pestle holdin it in hand


The meaning ghost in dream

To dream about my friend stealing my boyfriend

Termites on vagina

Thrown at me

Two dogs having sex

To make a bed with a blanket for women to sleep means

Torrent cyclone

The mushroom is the hill and am trying to pluck it in my dream

The mistake

To see your name in list



To eat pani puri

Tiger and wolf hunting me

Tree of guava and breadfruit full of fruits

Taking a packet of vermilion

Temple cleaning with water


Tamrind seeds

Tying red wrapper in a dream meaning

Taking care of someone in the hospital

Tamarindus tree


Traveling with unexpected existence of brother

Transparent snake

Talking with deputy president

Tulisi mala

To dream of markers

To dream alor of sugar cane

Touching breast of cousin

Taking kumkum


Tied tongue

Throw away cake

Teacher saying your ugly

Taking alcohol from a dead father

To wear a transparent cloth in the dream

Thanking god for successful nysc and protection

Two front teeth separating


Teeth whitening

To sell mango in a dream

To dream deceased giving the living sweets

Temple with a lamp burning

Tortured by father in dream

Turning to stone

Turning to cncrete

Tin or aluminum foil on a chipped vase

Things coming from your anus

Two men fighting for you

Throw salt dream

To pluck garden egg and eating it



Talking lioness

To dream someone chasing me with gun

Tamarind rice dream

Twin befs

Throwing something through a sliding glass door.

Tasting kiss

To dream of making farm ridges meaning

Taking off clothes from line in a dream

Touching a used sanitary pad

To see many ripe udara fruit

Top of mountain with lots of flowers

Tree full of cashew fruits

Turquoise colored big landscape rocks with flowers in blues, purples and greens

Torn saree

Two animals fighting (kite and elephant)

Throwing off phone

Took my land

Took my space

Teared saree

Tear saree

The dream of date seed. means

To be given money to buy food in the dream

Trying to reach someone but never able to

Transgender nude

Typewritten message

Two different colour of eyes male

To be given a black purse by an enemy

Tryck crashing into my house

To ejaculate without having sex with à woman in thé dream

To éjaculateur without having srx with à womsn in thé dresm

To see blood and a man give someone money


The meaning of catfishs in dream

To see a white handkerchief with 50000 thousand inside it

To see a naked pastor in dream

Traveled to sweden

Toilet in a dream means what

Trual blood

Tattoo on vaginal area

Temple kalasam kumbabhisekam

To dream of vertical wound on your left leg

To pluck yellow rose

To see almonds in dream

The name allah

Touching breasts of ex

Telephone number

Three crows come to my driveway

Three crows

Taking prayer mat in dream



Transparent lovers joining as one

Two rats in the house

Two rats in the house and i killed one one escaped


Trees growing from the grave



To dream of lost cylinder

Transparent shoes

Twins adult

To make a child pray for u

To dream of eating palm nuts in a dream


Taking care of a 2 year old and a man is looking

Tiger killing lion

To dream about having an accident but rrscued

Tornado destroying houses

The color red and black

To see a cylinder with a full gas

To dream craving with my neighbor

To dream having sex with neighbor

To dream of someone pounding figures with a pipe line

To dream of getting ready to board a plane with my sister

Train with vintage room

Toilet has no bottom and collecting shit in bucket and not being able to dispose of it

Tamarind tree with fruit

Tear dress


To see zobo in dream means what

Tiffin with sweet

To see yourself in another man country



To dream of seeing people throwing dirty in front of someone working place

To dream of someone sayong good morning

To dream of teenage girl


The number six

To be horny in the dream

Transgender sex

Touching someones cheek in my dream




Taking care of a burned person

Tiny pink shoes

Turmeric in dreams

To see ladies pants in a dream

Testifying in church

Traffic lights

To dream of potato salad

Transgender ghost meaning

To peel egusi in dream means what



To dream slaughtering a cock

Two aggressive donkeys

To dream testifying in the church

The mother of perpetual help

To see my husband hand cuffed and as well his feet meaning

Tan fat cat

Tall skinny man i hit with my car

To be served food

To dream about two yellow thread

Tied up by a straight jacket

Town cryer

The meaning of growling in a dream

Tint on window

Transferring carabao in another pkace

To plant the celery head in the dirt

Toilet full of bugs

Two men sodomizing

Throwing a rotten apple away

Took a crap on a baby seat

Thatched house in dream meaning

Thatched house in dream

Teak plant

To kill animal in the dream

Truck loaded with forest planks in dream

Three layers pineapple cake

Taking pictures of mountains

Talking to a religious man

Talking yo a religious man

Torn dream


Torn skirt dream

To see objects changing in the sky in dream

Tree growing out of my hands

Top floor flat

Touching a tree and having it frow out of my hands



To pound fufu in a dream

To get burned on your left upper leg

To burn your left leg by the hots

To lose an opal

To look like someone

To dream f eating a frank


To gather aku in the dream

Throw water

That my son was killed in a car accident

Trojan horse in sky


Toy truck stuck in sole of foot

Two different types of slippers

Take out thorn in the leg


Two black dogs

Throwing charcoal

Talking to my father in law

Throwing a white spear at me



The colour yellow and brown spotted snake

Texting my sisters crush to go to disney land

Two dollar

The stars was falling then i neal’s down an asked god for forgiveness

Tall being

Toothpick in the mouth

Travel to korea

Torture guns

Trying and not being able to catch grasscutter

Told to get suitcase

To dream about an email address

Teeth falling out

To dream of being a jehovah witness

The meaning of light switch

Tika in dream

To dream of a broken neck

The number 9


To see plenty sperm dripping from vagina in dream

Traditional healer

To fight a dog

To curse your enemy in a dream

Tumor on chin

To curse someone in a dream

Toilet sink

To dream of birthday cards with money in them

To spill olive oil in dream n packing it back

Train coming off track

To dream of breaking egusi seed in your dream

Taking a child to use a pit latrine and he falls inside though i tried to help him to

Travel forgot luggage

Trying to find life jacket for son

Touch that woke

Touched my elder sister breast

Taking a photograph of mountains from the distance

Turning to dust

Taking a photograph of mountains


Totem pole

They killed me and took my heart and melt it to mixed in making a gold bar and a golden hook to used pulling gold bars

Touching and injury


To see domeone limping

The alphabet




The sea dry up

True lover in dream

To dream of your prime minister,sitting with you and others in a room speaking you and others

Two nipples at one breast

Torn soaks

To dream of a crying baby

Teleportation and wings


Turmeric on haire and face

To see someone changing clothes in dream


Trowing a knife

Toe nails coming out of my nose

Tremors in a masjid

Throw slipper at a guy

Toxic relationship

The meaning of giving coins to poor children

Touched in the butt

Traveling with my dead husband in the dream



Toe lifted off

Tiger catching a fish

Tiger catching a fiah

Third party relationship

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