Banana pudding

Blue bee

Being covered in horse blood

Blanket with hands

Being caught

Blood on ankle

Being kissed by prince willam



Blood square

Becoming a monk

Baby formula

Blue moon

Bayan tree dream

Black obsidian crystal


Being mistress meeting the wife

Bleeding in my dream

Breeding in my dream

Buing lucky cat with money

Bus in the water

Baby in sand

Boyfriend paying bride price for me

Buying second hand bag

Being fat in adream

Birth in adream

Bear fought off with whiper snipper

Bear on fire

Baby clothes on sidewalks

Broken googles


Bitten fingers by the cow

Bitten fingers by a cow

Buying lanzones

Blood plasma

Baby choking with snow

Baby sucking on my finger

Baby sucking on finger

Burning mobile and keys

Biblical meaning

Burying meat with tb

Bleeding out a snake

Breaking people’s bones

Breaking people’s wrists

Bloody tampon

Being held down by a man in my dream

Belly dancers


Black hair

Black curly hair


Buddhist temple

Blue bowl

Being grabbed and can’t break away

Baby clothes hanging in line

Blooding and blood clot comes out

Best perfume is given

Been a prophetess in dream giving message s to people in dream.

Black spots on left arm

Boil on my skin in the dream

Being naked in the church meaning what

Brown urinate in toilet

Boyfriend guest

Blood ocean

Bottle of oil

Blue bottle of oil

Brahma saying all your wishes will come true

Brahmin women comes to dream

Bramhin women comes to dream

Blood sucker sucking blood

Belt breaking

Belt breaking while trying to clasp it

Black chick

Bathing water

Burlap bag full of diamonds

Buying of moinmoin in the dream meaning

Bathing in pond of fresh water

Blue lips gray skin


Bleeding from ankle

Bobby pins

Beetle in my leg




Broken liquor bottles

Black snake in a bag

Bullets in dream




Burning tree pot

Blood after wiping in toilet

Black blanket and dead

Big black bee

Baby boy head full of hair

Biting nail in your finger foot

Baby playing

Beating a mad woman in dream means

Big snake eating bird

Brahma lord

Beautiful cave

Beans and rice

Banging teeth while kissing

Banging of teeth wile kissing

Banging teeth

Burning at steak

Big clitoris

Bath salt


Blue rabbit


Blood on t

Broken agitador washing machine

Bottom eyelashes

Bridgegroom in a dream

Blackjackr dream means

Blackjack means

Baking bread giant in the dream and sharing it with family and friends

Blood clot vagiba

Blood clots from vagina

Bride and groom on rough waters

Bride and groom on rough waters, suicidal

Biting off your bottom lip


Breaking of lola nut in the dream

Black and white vertical jersey

Being thrown

Bargaining a grasscutter in a dream

Banana que

Bird soaring free

Big room full of faceses

Beaten by group of people

Baby singing in a dream

Being bathed by someone

Bathing hose

Burning plastic

Boxes, key, unsteady footing

Bitter yam in dreams what does it mean


Bugs in shoes

Buy kolanut

Brown water stains on ceiling

Blue light

Blue bird



Blowing through the nose

Black jacks weed in dream

Bitten on the nipples

Being in a restaurant

Beating my dog

Big fish with jaws

Big floating fish in the air

Buying riped plantain in a dream

Bride riding

Broken necklace

Building a grass big bowl hand work

Bleeding from right eye


Big belly

Being called the wrong name by wmy wife

Big parrot

Bathing at school

Bloody stones coming out if vagina


Baby spiders crawling on you

Blue sword

Being with someone in a desert

Boys crib

Breast engorgement

Buying food staffs from a super market

Burning oven

Being manipulated

Breaking cake

Brocken photo

Bear attacking a dog

Bathroom destroyed

Bitten by a mad woman in dream


Black watch

Bunk bed

Burning underwear

Being given two brooms

Buying food

Body flower

Buying dried okro seeds in my dream

Buying dried okro seeds

Bird sacrifice

Bird skull

Being protected


Bananas tree burning in dream

Boyfriend is priest

Breaking a locket

Breaking a locker

Bear locked inside house


Been imparted by a prophet

Being headbutted by a cow

Bear in the room

Burning dress

Black jeep in dream

Blue shirt with flowers

Blind person defecating on floor in my house

Baba yaga

Baba yags

Boat filled with water but not sinking

Big house in the middle of the ocean

Black calf chasing me

Black dog in the house

Boyfriend s mother

Black flower

Brother and sister marrying in the dream

Black and white hand

Black cat leaving my home


Best friend

Butt plug

Buying a black mag in christan

Buy a black mag

Baby sucking penis

Blind women beated

Bundle of woods

Buying fuel in a dream

Babalinus center

Black house

Bruise in my knee

Building barn


Brown hat in the dream


Butternut on tree

Bloody hair

Bird turning into a child

Body meat of the dead

Bird with flames

Bitter soup in the dream

Baby in breach position in the womb

Boyfriend buying a new car

Buying makeup

Big boobs

Beating with broom in dreams

Being initiated to a witchcraft group

Bloody seemen

Big snake or cobra with lightening eyes


Broken cup handle

Bites by a madman in dream

Being chased and hunted by thunder birds

Birthday song

Birthday song

Birthday sone

Black background and balls

Black mysterious balls

Bruisend on leg

Buying night dress

Buying n eating paneer

Being given airtime in a dream

Beautiful curtain in big building

Burning dirty clothes in the dream

Burning the left leg

Being approached by a king

Bleu jacket

Blue jade jewelry box

Burnt heart

Buying clothes d

Black bogenvillua

Blue bogenvillia flower in my dreams

Blue bongebilliya

Blue and black

Being sprayed sweet smelling spray in hair enough of it

Bus stand

Black boxes falling on you



Being hated by many people

Black snake stuck on my thigh

Buying betel leaf

Boiling water in a basin


Blurry vission

Broken ribcage

Bucket of milk

Buying coffee for dead father

Baby cloths


Beatuiful woman

Basketball goal

Bitten by a cow


Burnt orange shirt

Buyin airtime

Black dragon dream meaning

Black dragon meaning

Being flogged by someone

Blanket being pull off of you




Breaking of earthen pot full of water

Bottled water

Burning sanitary pads

Bicarbonate of soda powder

Butternuts packed in bags

Brread with peanut butter

Buying fufu in a dream

Baby fingers in mouth

Black boy eating fruut

Broken road meaning



Being given charms by old person | dream interpretation

Blood bath

Big bag full of clothes

Brit stars in the sky

Brit start

Brahmin is giving the money

Brahmins asking different types of rice

Buying liver in the dream

Breast nipple touching

Blue dream

Being friend to a mad man



Bucket fell inside well

Being crown a king

Bindi dream meaning

Being inside well in the drew

Being cut at the left arm

Being cut at the arm

Being stuck in scary video

Buying of water leaf in the dream

Black 1rs coin

Being served chicken means

Bug innthe teeth

Burning socks


Broken wristwatch in a dream

Beating mistress

Blue blanket

Box of new clothes

Being sprayed in the face

Bruised arm on another person

Being carried by someone

Buying of bitter kola in dream


Bags of maize meal in a dream


Being dreamed in bed

Boarding a flight

Babyblue color toilet dream

Blue river meaning

Baboon dreams

Blood on nails

Baboon bite

Buying searcher water


Black coins in a dream

Broken floor and sitting a side


Buying bindi and accessories

Boolrrowing rubber shoes from someone

Beautiful but inimical lady doing my pedicure.

Beautiful lady doing my pedicure.

Breaking if crystsl in dream

Brooming in temple drem

Bird gets shot down by native american warrior then bird turns in to a woman who then sits at a council fire

Being in a mosquito net with husband

Broken plaster in home

Buying plants orchid

Black mobile phone

Bitten in a hand by dog

Beaten by relative

Black flower with red stripe

Blue sapphire

Bird bit my finger

Big person

Boiling palm fruit in the dream


Birds escaping

Bare naked inside church

Bookcase shrunk

Being chased by a mad woman in the dream signify what


Bleeding breast in the dream

Bad haircut

Black handerchief

Baby goats drinking water

Big, head, lettuce, in the dream?

Being biten my finger

Baby with black furry wings

Breaking window by unknown

Buying a ticket wirh a paper 1o dollars in order to enter a draw

Become a governor

Buying palm fruit in the dream


Black dog trying bite my penis

Black liquid coming from nose

Bathing of millet

Broken chamberpot

Brothers engagement in dream meaning

Baby burning in fire

Breeding dreams means

Building a house at the farm

Burning already used toilet paper in a dream

Boyfriend paying my bride price

Blowing a kiss to my deceased mum

Buying white rosary

Blind baby

Black coffin in dream


Burning heap of leave

Big white rabbit

Buying and selling to make profit

Buying something to re sell

Betel nut peeling dream

Bucket of money in dream

Baby poo on wedding dress

Bathing in haldi

Bride price ceremony

Bestfriend dead

Blowing feathers into air

Being prayed for

Bird searches you

Buying a old cloth from unknown granny

Black snake eating another snake

Blue scrubs

Boyfriend daughter

Bird transforming into human

Brother has die

Brother die

Break a coffee mug

Bleeding from ear


Bucket filled with water and fish

Buying a scented candle

Birthday party

Banyan tree comes in dream in tamil

Black bangle

Birds drunking water

Betle plant dream

Bitten by unknown creature/animal

Bitten by unknown creature

Biting my own breast

Blue gridle means

Beaten by gridle in dream

Boy calls you ugly

Buried in uniform

Boarding a ship

Buffalo gives milk to her young one

Buffalo gives milk to her baby

Bf mom

Brahma indream

Being touched in sleep and saying jesus and wakes up

Bugs in bread

Burnt bread

Buying a luxury automobile

Baby daddy in a dream

Brother pregnant in dream


Butterfly archangel gabriel

Baby choked and died


Bird claw pen

Bathing in a black clay pot

Bathing in a black clay pot filled

Breathing problem

Breathing problen

Being offered a job

Bought palmwine

Buying palm wine in the dream

Been gifted with palm o in a dream

Buying kumkum

Black chickpeas

Buying a bindi in dreams

Bought uncooked ogbono seeds meaning in the dream

Blond mohawk

Breaking own engagement

Buying shea butter means

Breast pads

Black toe

Black plastic bag

Butcher elephant


Blood dripping from the ceiling


Black goat urinating

Buying sweets while pregnant


Black out eyes

Broken right leg

Being a godmother

Bring a godmother in dream

Baptismal gown girl

Big bag of thyme

Blood on toilet paper in the toilet

Brother and sister eating parsimons

Boil on buttock

Dream Close
Dream Bottom Image