Lovers voice

Lot of people

Lose machete in the dream meaning

Losing machete in dream

Long staircase

Large people

Listen the newes of dead


Large sword


Leading praise song in a dream


Lady not wanting turquoise necklace




Lakshmi coin dream meaning

Lady white dress black hair


Last night in my dream i saw my self being congratulated by my uncle and others

Lady sucking my penis

Looping rooms

Loseing shoes


Loss of access to the floor dream

Lobolo negotiations

Lots of ants all over the body

Long hair seeing your self in the mirror

Late uncle heading the negotiation

Losing jacket

Lizard crawling in clothes

Leaders dead body arrives

Leaders dead body arrives and artist comes

Lightning a deya

Long hair growing on my belly


Lesbians wedding

Lost and found sim card in dream

Late father in white shirt

Lost mouse

Leg surgeey

Laying of hands


Legs in dust, dirt


Lord jaganath dreams

Lightning oil lamps in temple

Lighting oil lamps in temple

Losing luggage while travelling

Left stove on

Light perplex



Licking vagina in a dream meaning

Limb missing

Letter box on a front door

Lake and water



Licking bitterleaf soup

Lost duptta in dreams meaning

Lost toilet bowl


Lying on the furthest of the eagle in the sky

Lying on the furthest if the eagle in the sky

Large number of large fish in river

Long and curly hair

Losing jade stone

Luxury hotel in the thirties, i am both a young blomd woman standing in a white dress in a large container of shiny coal, and a handsome man asking incredulously how i/she got all that coal. thirdly i am an animoninous onloooker. it is a dream of brightness and unbelievable richness. immediatelay after this comes a distinct different dream image, of my diseased dog about to defecate

Lunch box in my dream

Lobola letter negotiations

Lions eating women


Little sister cloned in a dream

Lost home way

Laughing head

Loosing nose pin in dream


Lamp stops burning means

Lose wight

Long patola

Long vegetables

Lion watching me as i play

Large snapping turtles

Lot of mad men

Licking orange candy in a dream

Lots of kids and 1 fell

Lobola negotiation dream

Loving and bathing a calf meaning

Licking palmoil in a dream

Leopard climbing tree

Losing jwellery

Lady with vitiligo

Lost grocery bag

Leeches over my body

Land lord

Laptop burnt

Laboratory equipment

Lobola negotiations

Lots cardboard boxes




Losing a ball

Licking cocoa seed

L got a dream when am praising god

Lost trcycle in dreams

Licking husband

Lossing cloths in rever

Lion meaning

Losing pair of my sleeper

Lost gold ornaments

Lotus flower pond seen as a vision


Leaking septic tank

Laddu giving

Ladyboy in my dream what does it means

Leading congregation in prayer in dream

Looking for your fiance

Lilac scarf

Long body hair in armpit and chest area

Laundry bucket



Lifting up by crane

Loss of one earring

Laundry toilet

Laundry soaking toilet seat

Lord krishna smile ing in the dream

Lost the cruise



Leaf of cassava

Loose soiled dress

Licking vagina blood dreams


Long braids

Looking after baby animals

Losing eye sight

Lost a tortoise

Laundry soaking in toilet seat

Lizard moving very fast

Lakshmi idol falling in dreams

Loosing my clothes

Leaking and rusted pot

Living in a shack w husband

Licking red oil on the floor

Lord brahma in dreams

Lion and lioness having sex

Launder cloth meaning

Licking vagina blood

Lic king vagina in dream means


Leave falling

Lost in a strange land trying to user the mobile phone to get in touch with the person i can to see was abortive

Leaving husband in bus with bag pack in dream meaning

Lollipop tree

Lizard eating snakes

Lady in white dress black hair

Life drain


Loss of sim card

Lion licking hand and face


Lord krishna smiling in dream

Lord krishna smiling in the dream

Losing a picture

Love of former lover

Late to get married

Lime tree full of limes

Lean cow



Lesbian dream islamically

Loyola negotiations

Loud sound like a gunshot in my dream

Loud sound of gun and i fell down in my dream


Leaving a clay house

Light around a half open door

Lady heading to the toilet

Loosing my shoe and not being able to find it

Looking out

Looking through hole

Looking through hole in wall

Letter of appointment

Leaving friends behind

Losing a cell phone in a dream meaning and interpretation

Leaving friends behind with a shark

Leaving a purse behind

Look alike

Lawn mower

Light brown rice

Light brown rice cooked in a shape of a birthday cake

Loss of half of my face

Loss of money and credit cards

Loss of credit cards

Losing in a competition

Lots of water coming through ceiling and walls

Low petrol light

Lover leaving

Loved that gets arrested

Lover that gives you the world and then gets arrested

Looking for my dad

Lots water coming nose


Lions in dream

Lions and bobcats in dream and the bobcat bit me

Lost shoe

Lost umbrella

Lose an umbrella

Loss of sight in one eye

Lions togers and pather

Leopard print material

Locked basement door

Locked in basement

Loosing a horse

Living my husband

Large mouse escaping a water tank

Lover is being taken

Lost car keys

Love proposal accepted

Life jackets

Laying hands on someone

Line cook

Large flying monkeys

Looking for lost eyeglasses

Love hand letter

Long eyebrows

Lobola dream means

Long sandbar in an ocean pool

Light around a closed front door

Liberty bell



Leaving someone you love

Long groomed nose hair

Leaf of cassava (green)

Late for a friends wedding

Losing diamond and ring falling apart

Laying on mat

Laying in bed in dream

License being ripped

Light and dark hallway

Lending stepmother money

Leg impaled

Lady taking flower from me

Lion lioness

Lap top falling and breaking

Lending money to a mad person

Licking by a foreign dead people

Long brown stick

Long hotdog

Lying on floor

Laying on floor

Locked car

Living person face changes into dead person

Leaking ceiling falling down

Lost baby car seat

Left side vagina being bite by a slug

Lady in casket

Lost with 2 little kids

Lose children

Leaving your bag on the bus

Lord brahma

Licking the breast of same sex

Last chance

Leaving through windows

Lizard and marijuana

Losing teeth

Loved one who passed


Lose a toe ring

Looking for an empty bathroom

Locus beans

Lemur playing with cat

Light window

Light bulbs

Lost child



Lost in a crowd

Looking tools

Lioness sleeping in my dream

Lumber pile and wood shavings

Looking at puzzles

Lots of mobiles

Local pear

Lying in bed with a friend

Losing white plate

Loosing virginity in dream

Lots of peahens feeding. dreaming means

Leaving a hair straightener on


Losing bank card

Look into the depths of your own soul and learn first to know yourself, the you will understand why this illness was bound to come upon you and perhaps you will henceforth avoid falling ill

Listening allah voice in dream

Lumps in armpit

Leaving a relationship


Losing eye glasses

Lost cat returns home hurt


Left my bag in the bus

Leaving my belongings in the bus

Lost infant

Long whit hair chin


Letter addressed to me


Life support


Losing black tooth

Looking at a dead person looking at a mirror

Laying on a person

Lighting off oil diya


Lovers house

Lovers relative dies

Loan return

Loved one getting hurt


Leg upside down

Laying on the ground

Ladies dancing wearing emerald color dress while attending funeral

Ladies dancing wearing emerald color dress while attending funerals

Looking for lost glasses

Looking for a person in a dream

Long deceased relatives

Luxe slim

Lack of faith

Left hand turn black

L shape big bedroom with two kids

Led coming out of hands

Ladies hair and buttock

Ladies hair

Lobola arrive late

Learning how to swim in a dream

Lights flushes in the sky

Leaving you a video

Late uncle


Looking for something in garden shed


Leprechaun, pot of gold, rainbow


Lion attack me

Losing certificates in dream interpretation

Losing certificate in dream

Looking for a box

Large swollen bug bits

Love affair with uncle


Little girl

Licking breasts

Light grey

Light grey lines


Legging or pants

Long cloak

Lottery number.

Litter number

Laying next to the devil, started saying the lord’s prayer for protection

Letting someone borrowed my shoes

Locked face


Licking a neck

Long clitoris

Lost at school

Laughing at dead person

Little girls picking marigolds

Lady feeding a dog

Lice in a private part means in a dream

Lights turning off

Lime green cardigan

Leviathan sea calm waters



Losing time

Lots of baby spiders

Larger animal mystical


Lava destruction

Lots of clothes hangers

Last names

Log pulled from mud

Leave me alone, go away

Leave ma alone, go away

Laying on the floor until a strong wind passes with harming me

Lying on the floor until a strong wind passes

Lobhola being paid for me

Large machine

Lobola meaning

Living in broken house & weeping


Losing my slipper one

Leg turned to soil

Life fishhead

Lifw fishhead

Losing nails

Licked your right ear as in dream

Lips stitched shut

Lost in a foreign country

Letting someone down

Lush ferns

Lost a full cart of groceries

Lion and dog playing

Large orange /red cocatoo

Life jacket

Leaping over on coming car

Lemon slices on a dead body

Lost in a building

Licking red oil and salt in the dream what does it mean

Lying on a messy area

Lobola paid for me

Losing something inside a river

Ladder stolen in dream

Loki in dream



Loss my plant at work

Lost eucalyptus

Long neck goose

Lots of lions

Lost in hallways


Leaving man at alter

Lady offered me water bottle dream menaing

Lowering flag

La llorona

Lucky number for the former president

Live hen

Live dream of chickens

Live vhicken

Live chinken

Learning underwater diving skills

Left child at home alone

Leaving your husband

Loving someone

Lift barrier

Left turn

Left turn

Lots of paper

Love nest

Lizard in a cage

Lost family member gifts red roses

Lost item found

Laughing with dead husband

Lady of fatima

Laughing at someone

Lady with yellow gold hair

Lost medallion

Lost big city with a cat

Losing daughter

Losing your fireman clothes to go into a fire

Living in car

Lentil soup in dream

Landing ones feet


Little fish

Looking for a friend

Leading worship songs in church

Leadership promotion

Licking my best friend virgana

Lily of valley

Living in dirty under repair building

Living dirty under repair building

Locked old cupboard

Lost my pocketbook

Lost pocketbook someone sold my pocketbook

Little boys saying echo

Laddy looking very poor is very rich

Letter addressed to dead grandfather

Large boulder rolling down hill

Lost suitcase found by deceased father

Lost a n.v d found

Lots of garter snakes

Long stem roses

Lotus bud

Losing driving license

Lemon leaves dream

Late mom carrying bags

Life flashing before you

Life flashing

Licking my penis in dream

Licking my penis

Log house

Lots of earthware being arranged

Lord murugan

Lost my umbrella looking for umbrella

Losing your bunker gear as a fireman

Lip was peel

Leaves blowing up in the air lit up like fire flies

Lady chases melinda with knife


Lions ripping you apart

Lions tearing you apart

Loss car


Losing toe ring

Dream Close
Dream Bottom Image