Prince harry

Peeling cocoayam

Peeling cocoayam in dream

President giving me a job

Pine tree on fire

Pine on fire

Picking money return to owner

Plucking brinjal from tree

Peeling mouth skin

Peeling skin in the mouth

Pouring salt on earthworm

Pouring coffee


Pregnant woman dream of lion meaning

Pull worm

Picking nuts in dream

Plainting hair in my dream

People jumping of bridge

Psoriasis on face

Putting my cold hands on someone

Plucking food from tree

Pilled egusi given to me by a pastor in church

Parasite in eye

Pulled a section of my skull out


Peas ulcers

Python dream entering into a hole

Planting rose bushes

Pilled egusi in a tray

Palm hands

Pictures thrown into fire

Peaceful old woman and man sitting together in a dream


Peeling egusi seeds in the dream

Pursuing a white fowl dream

Pulling out someoe hair

Picking out cowries from sand

Pappya collected frombroken tree dreaming meaning

Pappya collected from cutted tree dreaming meaning

Pit latrines

Penis sucking in dream

Plucking green chilies in your dream


Ping pong paddle and ball

Pain in cheeks

Pierced cheeks

Plucking green peppers means what

Purple dragon fly chasing me


Persons name


Pulling bone out my nose


Picking sim cards




Packing white clothing

Pink milk in breast

Paspu kunkum in dreams saw meaning

Past people

People gathering on a lawn

Penis bite n

Plug kola in dream

Person who had died

Penarating light in a dream

Painful breasts



Paneer pakoda


Pictures of a beautiful spanish beige home

People throwing rocks at birds

Picking up coins from your bed and some one argue u that his mine

Picking coin from your bed

Picking fish on a mango tree

Picking gooseberry


People coming to arrest you

Pink feathers

Pink fether

Palm oil in gallon

Pulling out thorns from my finger dream meaning

Preparing for lobola negotiations

Packing a deceased friends belongings


Pastor hugging me




People with white cloudy eyes

Pentagram on hand

Pink bubbly water


Picking up hair

Pour dirty water in a drain gutter

People in white clothing

Postpone of lobala


Plucking custard apples in dream

Plucking hibiscus buds in dream


Plucking amla

Planting root crops in a white sand

Pulling up in a red van with big rims

Planting crops in a white clean soil



Picking fresh waterleaf

Posho in dream


Prophets duaghter

Pluck and eat garden egg in the dream

Picking of plenty cola but in the dream

Pounding of millets in my dream

Peeled and unpeeled egusi that is not mine

Peel and in peel egusi that is not mine what does it mean

Pregnant women sees male organ

Picked two udara in a dream means


Protecting a conch

Palm kernel


Pounding palm fruits in the dream

Politician is in love with me


People congrating me

Plantain fruits

Planting waterleaf in a dream means what?

Pile of charcoal

Pulling stuck meat from teeth

Picking granadilas

Pounding cassava fufu in a dream

Pastoress blowing over you

Poison gass

Peeling egusi seed


Paper money in my mouth dream meaning

Packing pap in a dream

Plucking water leaves in the dream interpretation

Promotion of close friend

Piecemeal dream

Planting harvested yams in dream

Pierced heart


Peace tattoo

Pesalu molakalu

Pedals molakalu

Plants developed on wall in dream meaning


Pregnant women serving chicken

Ponding palmfruit in dream

Playing snooker



Pink bycicle


Pounding cooked palm fruits in dream


Purple ballons

Paternal aunt

Picking of oil bean

Pot full of cooked rice

Performing money ritual in dream


Planets colliding




Pulling foreign object from body


Planting pink peonies

Plucking and eating cashew apple

Picking cower i dream meaning

Pink handkerchief given by dead person

Pluvking drumstick

Plucking bitter guard

Plant flooded

Pit bull dog


Prayer points on dreaming casava


Pregnant woman


Pluck egg plant

Peepal tree growing in a house


Pounding fufu

Picture of female cousin

Palm fruit

Pastor stealing me in my dream

Pig bite me in a dream

Pig bitting me

Pig fighting my kids

Paying transport fare for someone in the dream

Pruning rose n planting it

Peircing all over the face and peeling skin


Potatoes piled of sack bursting

People giving you brass utensils

Poison needle

Plantain sucker | dream interpretation

Poohing on a cobra snake its mouth is wide open

Poohing on a cobra snake

Planting rice in the dreams means what?

Purple pear

Purple crocus

Plucking ripe guavas in the dream

Palmoil splash on a white veil

Plucking apples in dream means?

Palm oil stain a veil

Packing plenty udara fruit

Pig swimming on water in a dream means

Pool full of dead bodies

Plucking neem branches

Plucking need branches

Pink haunted house

Papaya plant in a deeam

Pulling out someone elses teeth

Pen run out of ink

Priest, holy water

Pulling a tricycle

Peeled cassava in a vision what it means

Packing large quantity of hidden yam in a farm to my house

Person in cat body

Powder on hair to face

Panic but everyone else calm

Pinking a pam fruits

Price things in the shop in a dream

Preparing bitter leaf soup in the dream means

Pruning ephopia flower by someone

Plucking waterleaf in dream meaning

Plucking water leaf in dream meaning


Picking perewinkle

Plucking unripe jackfruit indicates


Planting plants in a dream

Planting a young tree in a dream

Pink bangles in dream

Pigeon bite

Pigeon bit finger

Paying money


Pluking a green chilli

Periods blood see in dream

Phone got burnt


Pounding banga in the dream meaning

Pins hanging together

Priest eating food with me

Pack of gum dream interpretation

Pink hibiscus plucking

Pregnant woman see brinjal in dream


Peper fruit meanig in dream


Planting curry leaf in dream

Putting soil in the pot

Plenty small fish in a bowl as gift

Polish remover on face

Python falling from a tree

Packing things in stroller

Pulling a big needle out of spine

Plugging pepper fruit means what

Plucking riped soursops

Pink gemstone in dreams

Playing holi in the dream

Plantain trees

Packing coconut in the dream

Plantain trees serving as a shade in front of peoples shop and i walked across under it

Plantain trees serving as a shade

Pounding fufu with mortar and pistol means what?

Passing blood clots vagina

Pepper tree with a big fruit

Pouring oil in water anoitanted

Pouring water anoitanoit

Picking udara in dream

Peeling egos in the dream

Pounding yam in my dream with my landlord

Pulling worm from the neck

Pregnant woman dream about ripe plantains

Panner dream

People dancing in sea water at night


Pig lick my leg

Planting cocoa seed

Pulling sewing needles from mouth

Pulling fishes out in sand

Pulling fish from sand

Periwinkle in dream

People were saying black rose but it was red in color

Pouring anointing oil in your hands dreams

Person wearring deer skull

Protecting bigfoot

Protecting big foot

Praying at friends grave

Purchasing new saree

Pregnacy test




Pretending to be rich


Pink in water

People holding hands together

Playing someone hair meaning

Peeling of melon seed

Plane somersault

Project title faith can move mountains." "difficulties in your life are not the dead ends, they are just the sweet bends. " (instructions to project writers: you may use the following useful phrases to present your argument in the presentation of your data. ) •the angle i think of my faith mindset.. • l/we fail to accept failure why . • my own experience.. •being in great difficulty ever.. •if any miracle helped me ever.. • problems solved . •sharing my success story • on the conclusion..

Plucking and replanting sugarcane

Pink cat

Plugging of icheku in the dream what does it mean?

Pir baba

Peeling egusi seed in the dream

Packed jaggery


Partner naked


Plaster dust

Pulling screw out of the head

Patio glass door

Pregnant woman picking and eating palm fruit

Pregnant with the fetus outside

Present in matchbox

Putting aalta in dream

Prepare pap in the dream and tasting i

Picking ogbono fruit

Pouring hot charcoal into water

Polka dot body wrap

Pounding yam, mortar, pestle in the dream

Pounding yam mean, in the dream

Pastor and his wife praying

Police car


Pink and skill saw

Pink skill saw saving sister

Picking ripe shea nut in a dream

Playing with pregnant nice in your dream you

Picking red chillies from farm

Plucking long chin hair

Picking out good egusi from the bad egusi


Playing or watching football in the dream

Plucking of calotropis procera

Plants growing in hands


Pounding yam with mortar and pestle

Pounding yam with mortar and pustule in a dream

Plucking green pepper from tree

Paneer curry and rice


Purple colour i saw in my dream

Pampering mangooes in dream

Praise & worship songs

Putting red tika on my forehead

Pen comes out of your anus

Polo shirt meaning in dream

Plucking garden egg in the dream

People underwater

Plumb bob

Pounding yam fufu in a mortar with a p

Praying and touching my stomach

Passionate tongue kiss with a crush

Preparing individual meals for other people

Prophet muhammad’s saw sword

Picking baby in the dream

Person getting lost

Packing garri in dream meaning

Packing red meat in a box

Pink bra in cupboard

Prescribing a herbal medicine to someone


Prescribing medicine to someone

Putting red tika

Pandit ji

Peeping at the opposite sex taking a bath


Person vomiting in drram

Pig head cook

Plenty of small snakes falling from a tree

Poop bacame birthday cake

Puddle in a garden

Plam kanerl

Pond with the water&lotus flower leaves

Pregnant woman eating fruits

Presidential escort

Presidential convey

Praying and marriage

Pink sock foot massage

Picking ube in the dream


Puff adder chasing me and striking


Planting plants

Plaintain stem

Pattern in shapes and color


Pounding pepper in the dream means what

Plucking ripe jackfruit

Pastor crying in a dream

Pebbles dream

Picking my list money from dump

Picking eggs in my dream

Preparing to travel abroad

Pulling chive


Poured acid

Pastor anointing you are hand and head

Picking certificate from school

Plating your natural hair by yourself

Plugging cola nut in a dream

Picking money from a gutter

Pulling flower out of the nose

Picking the dhaniya

Pounding fufu in a dream means

Peeled egusi in river



Picking watercress

Preparing garden

Parent making house renovations


Palm kennels


Ponner cubes in dream

Picking of tamarind leaves

Picking of tamarind leaf

Picking african star apple

Pani puri dream

Paint spilt

Pouring paraffin

Pooja in a dream

Prime minister kisses me on my lips fast


Pastors wife dessed in a golden dress

Picking and licking african star apple in the dream

Pink blossom

Polish language

Pestle dream interpretation

Public broadcast

People dancing traditionally

Pink bowl

Painful lump in my stomach trying to come out

Pulling something from the ground

Person you recently met


Picking of egusi in d dream

Putting oil in somone feet


Picking of kamias



Panner sream


Peeling egwusi in the dream what does it signify?

Peeling melon in the dream what does it signify


Praying on top of the mountain

Pet dies


Pulling thread out of teeth

Palm wine


Preal nclace

Picking up

Promotion denied

Partner having sex with ex

Pan drops

Pregnant bitch

Pulling string from buttocks

Pig licking my feet

Profess love

Prawns on a platter

Platter of seafood

Police car lights


Priest giving me food in church

Pubic hair turning to gray muslim dream

Pulling snakes out of your mouth

Putting vermillion repeatedly

Prostitute in a dream

Peeling ogbono seed in dream

Peeling ogbono seed in dreams

Playing violin


Plucking bougainvillea pink flowers

Putting eyeliner


Pregnant woman dream about palm kernal what in the meaning

Planting bitter yam

Portal and warnings about jews

Planting corn

Pounding maize

Planting a farm

Plastering dream meaning

Pound palm fruits

Putting child to bed


People accusing you for causing trouble

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