Shot a child

Swirling sand

Sister sleeping with ex-boyfriend

Sister sleeping with x

Snobby people



Sex with crush,

Sitting and lecturing with your employer in a large living room in a dream

Seeing peaceful old woman and man sitting together in a dream

School mystery

Silhouetted bird

Sister telling you how she doed


Sexsual intercous

Soda buy

Seeing girlfriend in orgy

Snakes and eels stuck in a spider web

Smoke from fireplace

Sweeping a headmistress office

Sister capturing bird

Sister acquiring vulture

Seeing crepe myrtle

Seeing someone being horny

Someone has a dream about me and tiger eyestig


Silver gold sword

Syringe no needle

Seeing my brother nakes


Smacked with a broom

Someone important licking under my feet

Signs in the sky

Sri symbol comes in dream


Suicide of loved one

See pastor beaten in dream

Spooning an aquaintence

Spooning with a now deceased female friend

Spooning with a friend now dead

Spooning an aquaintence who is now deceased

Sex wolf

Strong wind and people falling from above


See negro pepper in a dream meaning

Seeing live birds in a cage eat dead birds

Shopping for swimsuit

Sister in law cleaning my previous house

Someone falls



Someone taking all the watercress from me


Spring roll wrapper

Sister almost get rape

Seen my sister almost get rape

Strangers holding leaf to beg for forgiveness

Saying no to marriage




Smeared red lips

Some one asking for water to drink

Someone striking me with a spear

Someone spearing you

Stolen wallet finding new with keys


Saw husband going for abroad

Skin care product

Seeing making paneer channa in dream

Someone, spraying, perfume, body in the dream

Silver eyez



Seeing my uncle insulting my dead mother in a dream

Snake ate the monkey

Snake running away in a dream

Snake disappeared in a dream

Snakes coming out of walls

Snake disappeared

Sweet sop fruit

Sleeping friend

Saving someone from choking

Spitting in your hand

Someone driving a black car

Smelling of electric


Shopping at night

Salt crystals

Someone stole amethyst necklace

Slippers being cut

Shadow sucking my left breast

Sister dreams

Sucking female virginal

Seeing a couple married in dream wit whom u dont talk

Sleeper floating in the river meaning

Someone wearing black hoodie and black mask


Seeing rough flooded river

Seeing your husband naked


See someone fall into a sinkhole

Suckling a baby thats not mine

Singing in my dream

Sucking of breast in the dream

Seeing raged person

Sheep from sky

Seing dead mother

Snow white

Stealing from a vending machine

Stolen jewelry


Stalled car

Seeing water yam in d dream

Snake laying eggs while dying

Spilling purfume

Surgery on the mouth

Stuff with holes

Smart long dreadlocks in dream

Stabbed through the heart

Seeing orange coloured slippers

Seeing orange coloured slipp

Stuck on a cliff and can’t jump back



Sunter air comes in dream

Sweater dream

Sex with hen in dream mean

Snake gold meaning

Spiritual meaning of harvesting and eating sugar cane

Somone plucking fruit

Seeingredkumkum indream

Some one trying to keep precious shankh secretly

Snakes in a gift box

Shaking hands with a demon

Shaking hands witha dekon

Sun, moon and venus

Sweet potatoe planted in a white soil

Sharing gardenegg in my dream

Sharing garden egg in dream

Snakes inside my hair

Spiritual meaning of seeing pastor wife in dream

Solving mysteries

Spilling of kum kum in my dream

Seeing betel nut in dreams

Someone converted to islam

Shadow with wings

Some one mother gave me a watch


Stove sparks

St po be sparks

Sex out of marriage in dream

Saw an eunuch giving blessing

Saving my boss life in a dream

Selling puffpuff

Surprise wedding preparations without my consent

Size and dwarf

Sucking my penis in dream by an old woman

Sucking penis in dream

Seeing a transgender in my dream

Sec with nude women

Sexual abuse of child

Saliva in palm

Seeing a burning rosary in a dream

Saving a man that fell off ship


Second marriage but was not happy and missing first husband

Sex with evil

Seeing rejection from mother in law

Swallow pin

Seen the borne of david in the bible

Sub contractor

Someone got naked in your dream

Splashing feet in basin of water if

Splashing feet in basin of water

Someone wearing comouflage in dream

Sucking a viguna means what in dreams?

Seeing deceased put hair oil on sister

Sprinkling water on me

Seeing quran in toilet

Sucking in the dream means

Seeing your half brothers

Selling snail

Selling snail in a dream

Slap in a dream

Sex with wolf

Step in feces

Swimming out of river

Sama dance

Sufi dance

Seeing tailor and has not completed the fitting for the clothes is sowing for me in a dream

Sea birds

Seeing a suck of maize

Snake biting a bog

School class

Seen cashew nuts in a dream

Saw my dead father in law shouting for rice pudding


Shaking hand with the dead in the dream

Sister taking drugs

Sitting in rickshaw

Screw in my atlas and axis bones

Someone showing pistol

Smoking cigarettes

Seven roses

Sell paintng

Sister being pregnant in the dream

Sliced meat

Slice meat

School boyfriend

Someone block me

Someone in a bath



Selling breadfruit dream meaning


See cowries in the dream


Self in underwear

Scraming but cant be herd

Snakes /intestinal worm

Sucking vergina

Seeing myself in a dream pounding fufu

Seeing someone being extremely fair in your dream

Sucking someone tongue

Standing sto niño

Sloughering a dog in a dream


Seening pastor praying for me

Silver knob

Sleeping on the street

Seeing the word hallelujah in small and capital letter in dream

Sex with fictional character




Sorting folders

Smelling flower sweet smell

Smelling belly flower

Someone trying to steal your favorite pillow from you


Shopping with boyfriend


Someone giving me a simcard

Seeing neighbour nude

Seeing adult and children shoes in a dream what does it mean

Sores on your right foot

Selling lime

Sex with a dead relative

Stain feces in my clothes

Sweetmeats dream

Small pumpkin on vine

Somwonw stole my clothes

Square whole

Smelling a black feather



Sangoma trouhing bones for me

Someone was making chapati in dream

Shoe falling to the ocean

Songoma troughing bones law give me money

Sporting club

Stealing jewlery

Soneone throwing a slipper on me

Sister chopped off her ring finger

Seeing myself regnant

Someone spinkling water on my bed in the dream meaning


Someone carrying a baby on their back

Silo falling

Silo falling down

Silver glass

Someone throwing a slipper on me

Someine throwing a slipper on me

Someine throwing a skipper on me

Stealing bathtub

Seeing someone else vomiting

Seeing 3 astronauts in the sky in the dream

Seven moon

Seven moom

Sex with a dead man

Seeing someone kill your family one by one

Sweeping the stairs

Sweeping down the stairs

Soda powder

Sitting on stairs with pastor

Simsim means what in adream

Starting a generator in the dream

Seeing my landlord in the dream

Sweeping by mother in law

Selling of tapioca in my dream


Sun in west in the middle of the night

Silver small key

Step on someone toes

Sucking someone dick

Stolen money and bicycle

Seeing your younger sis being raped by an elder person

Someone burning pictures of me


Seeing kettle under a staircase

Sexing a dog

Singing death


Silver, ring, red

Something between teeth

Sticks burning

Shoes from the deceased

Shoes keep falling off

See a pregnant woman

Squirrel biting my hand


Someone shot in the chest


Shaving one eye brow off

Stolen weed

Several semi circles all facing same way

Seeing qayamat

Seeing kayamat


See your dead grandma

See grandma with arm missing

Sex in bathroom

Singing in foreign language through the letter box

Seeing dead relatives father, grandmother, grandfather

Stomach was sliced open in my dream and the doctor was stitching it back together the anistasia did not work

Someone looking at your photograph

Someone giving out your photo

Seeing your self inside gutter

Someone giving something you dont want to

Someone asking for your picture in a dream

Someone cutting my pinky finger off

Seeing gold necklace

Seeing someone wearing gold necklace

Snake on roof

Sadhvi in dreams

Slap stranger women

Seeing a cutted goat head in dream

Soldiers holding me hostage

Shadow chandelier

Seeing a pregnant woman giving me money

Selling rags

Seeing yourself with some four other people in the dream given a gun and trained how to use it in a special room

Sappadila to see it ripen



Standing in the mud

Someone giving you naphthalene in dream

Sweet potato

Seeing guava fruit in my dreams


Someone watching you

Seeing my beautiful student

Seeing about my former girl student

Sleeping animals

Stone coming out of vagina

Seeing dead mom and rangoli drawing

Sweets from dead person


Someone falling in pit latrine

Snake bite

Spiritual meaning of slaughtering hen


Spoiled pawpaw

Seaing while making butter

Seing a dream of transgender watching you

Seeing scare

Screws head

Stolen gold watch

Seeing myself in my family house in the village

Sitting in the middle of two man

Snakes near a hidden box


Shooting stars

Spoiled coconut in drea

Swallow marbles

Sword with ball of fire

Swallow and choke on marbles

Selling fiah

Someone break the mosque in dreams

Serpentine crystal breaking in dream

Single brahmin

Sister travel

Saving a whiteb fox cub


Stolen wrist watch

Sleep child

Smashed window of car

Someone purring powder on my body

Someone purring power on my body

Shooting 2 pigeons on one shot in a dream

Spiders atacking hair

Sweet potato leaves bundle

See plenty zobo drinks in ur dream

Seeing family wearing white shirts

Somebody lying on top of me on bed

Seeing rain water leaking through a hole on the wall?

Sunburned arms

Slapping a deceased friend

Sacrificing children

Seeing bridegroom

Seeing bridegroom in girls d

Someone snatching cellphone

Sorghum in the garden

Surrounded by toxic lake

Sharing breadfruit to people

Seeing beans but not eating it tho

Sponge gourd in dream



Seeing someone in the dream with zcc batch meaning

Stepped one toes

Seeing a happy black in my dream who said he is rich

Seeing small green cardamom

Stones transform pearls

Someone selling smoked fish in dream meaning

Seen army cheif

Sitting in front seat

Seeing mad woman crossing highway dream meaning

See mad woman in dream

Saint pubic hair

Seeing in dream extra fingers in my foot

Seeing 10 fingers in my own one foot


Seeing maggots coming out of my virgins

Saving an injured animal

Sky falling

Saw snake in my bag in my dream

Someone charmed me in dream

Satisfied white cock

Sawing machine

Sores on my feet

Somebody on top of me on bed

Some one on top of me on the bed in a dream

Some one lying on top of me in a dream


Somebody lying on top of me in a dream

Sexual intercourse with a dog

Saw died woman is prayer for me dream

Sexual intercourse with ghost

Someone poured oil on my hands and tell me to rub ma hands with it in my dream, what does it mean

Someone tells you that you like to wear rags

Someone is placing kum kum down

Selling egusi

She male in a dream

Seeing mother mary in your dream

Some stranger coming and talking about there dead daughter

Stretch mark

Sun explode

Snake kissing on forehead

Sweeping big brown dry leaves

Sesame oil fell from my hand to floor

Seeing earthenware diwali diyas in freams

Surah rahman in dream


Snake eating lizard in dream

Sari give by someone

See channa dal powder in dream

Sea dragona dragon

Seeing brahmin in dream

See channa dal powder in dream means

Sick brother in dream means what?

Seeing lady finger for pregnant lady


Silver pot in dreams

Sun apocalypse

Sugar from the desd


Someone gave me a red bindi

Siver pot

Slaughtering a cock

Seeing jamu

Sandals stolen in a temple

Sugarcane being cutoff in the dream

Shadow holding my wrist

Stealing a van

Sucking penis in a bus

Someone smirking



Spiced meat

Seeing white oxtail in the dream



Seeing fried yam

Striking a matches but refuses to light

Son breaking dad coffee mug


Sliver plate

Selfies with someone



Something growing in your nerve and it become big in the dream

Singing praises to god

Seeing ex husband in dream

Sing with church members outside

Snapping of picture with celebrity in a dream

Searching for caradamom in my dream

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