Clear water in circles

Cutting wings of angel

Cut wings

Climbing out of a hole

Carabao with girl in the rain

Cliff lighthouse

Catch a big fish w


Crossing guard

Cat sound

Cooking on tattered mattress

Carrying a baby on my arms

Curryleaf picking


Cutting books


Chased by police and fathers for something

Cows crossing river

Cows kiss

Child trapped

Carrying empty jerry can going to fetch water

Chewing metal

Clamshell bite

Create with glass

Childs playhouse

Cloak removed from world


Celebrating anniversary

Choice on path to take



Cream colored snake

Cooked oysters

Crush sleeping with your aunt

Carry red clay soil in a bowl to somewhere

Car crushing without a driver

Chin-chin in dream means

Crushing my car

Childhood bedroom

Color yellow meaning

Cooking with dead dad

Cant take a bath

Cleaning out a deceased friends room

Coming out of a tunnel





Cast in foot of someone


Coffins in flowing water



Car flipping over


Cucumbers tried to kill you with automates

Chimpanzee monks

Concept of holistic health

Cooking for my dear mom in dream

Cream sweater dream meaning

Cream sweater dream

Cream sweater

Chinhoyi student portal

Car jey

Chicken food


Chane puri

Cutting a huge pine tree

Church renovated for commercial enterprises

Cow bone



Crying horse

Carrying luggage box and bag

Crossing four corner junctions in dream

Collecting grass hoppers in a dream

Cloth sheet

Changing pads

Cut slippers in dream



Cow urinating on my body in dream

Cat killing rabbit dream

Cleaning utensils



Cellphone explosion

Cell phone explosion

Crow eating meat

Chicken dung

Catching a large shark

Cathing a large shark

Chocolate in funeral

Cutting up conch

Canal with clear water

Cutting ties

Cloth eating

Cat on leadh

Car blowjob


Cuting cassava fr tube nd gather


Crossing a bridge


Carplate number

Carrying wood on your head in a dream

Crossing river with crocodile

Chewing bitter kola in the dream

Crust skin

Cell phone in dirt

Cross flooded river successfully

Catching flying termites in dream

Child broke my trophys

Catching a moving fish in the river

Chinese restaurant

Changes of seat in dream

Creaming hair


Consoling crying mother

Carrying baby infant on my back

Choker collar



Chasing a grasscuter in my dream

Calling margareth

Chased by a ufo

Chasing a grasscuter in a dream

Chasing a grass cuter in a dream

Climbing the wall

Cutard apple

Cooking a delicious meal of fish


Child murders someone

Caught while having sex with partner


Cat living in wall

Check for 840

Charcoal in that dream mean

Camel trying to bite me

Cutting cassava from the stem and gather

Carry cloth of the death


Cardamom in a dream

Crush proposing for marriage

Cold lips kiss

Child falling over board from cruise ship

Crush name on cloud

Cousins house is so poor my house is good and they staying in our house

Cassava in a dream


Children stuck on the other side of train tracks


Crying dolls

Covered feces

Covered in feaces

Covered in filth


Clothing a mad man

Car towing

Crowded beach

Climbing a hedge

Calling your younger brother back from following a bad gang and he went to take keys for the house


Catching mudfish


Catching grasscutter in my dream

Carrying 2 full of plante in d dream what is d meaning

Crack in a wall

Cassava leaves meaning

Creepers tree

Cannot find a comfort room

Color of poker chips

Collecting ogbono seed in the dream

Catching moon

Catching locust swarm on the tree

Choosing a deeper

Carrying a bunch of firewood on my head

Calling azhan

Congratulations someone in dreams

Crackerd wrist watch

Cuting catfish

Carrying water in a wheelbarrow in the dream meaning

Collapsing bathroom floor

Cooking ewedu in dream

Clear spring water coming out of the foundation of my church building

Cobra with blue eyes

Cut fish half

Crawling baby walking in my dream

Classmate fall in love with me

Climbing over structure building

Catch fraud

Colored marker


Cat dreams

Chasing after someone stealing your dog

Cassava farm in a dream

Cutting bhindi

Clay pot

Calling someone by name

Check book and note book

Child prostitute


Cow enyring home

Christian dreams

Can’t write name

Can’t write name correctly on name tag at reunion

Coffin in river water

Cutting off facial hair

Cooking chunky fish meat

Cooking 2 whole chayote

Car engine remove in the dream

Car hitting mad woman on the highway dream interpretation

Car hitting mad woman on the highway

Corrugated iron

Car road

Coconut branches

Cane by a chief

Collecting money with force

Cutting spinach

Change workplace

Cutting boned of a cow

Cell phone got burn in dream

Chief and beating

Color paper

Carrying someone

Carrying someone on the back

Carrying a basket of ripe palm fruits in a dream

Comforter dream meaning

Cow biting

Company owner

Calf crossing river

Clear water well in kitchen

Clear water well in kitchen in dreams

Carrying empty jerrycans going to fetch water from a tap or well in the dream


Cat hair

Child deepthe ruthraksham in breast milk


Child stuck in a tree

Child falling from the sky

Car sinking in water

Celebrating wedding in a dream

Cake dough

Colocasia esculento leaf

Chair falling onto people

Cooked rice with coins

Celebrating birrhday of dead person

Coconut breaking in dream

Cat having sex two cats

Chosen clothes in dream

Crush father

Come to dargah


Colors and fruits

Current teacher

Crying in my arms

Cutting of sugarcane

Cut left arm

Cooking dead bodies

Cooking dead body

Caging an ostrich

Coconuts with flower in them in a dream

Coral beads red during pregnancy

Cooking ogbono soup in dream


Carrying the door

Colonel in dream

Ca park

Cleaning a lamp


Cutting off toe

Carrying white sarees

Combing my grandmas hair

Cant hear someone talking to you

Cat hear someone talking to you

Custard aplle

Changing clothes

Christening gown girl in dream meaning

Church pews were moving in different directions


Children lining up in school and friend rejects me

Clear plastic bag

Clear bag of flour

Coloured tape

Cardinal on finger

Cutting sugarcane

Cleaning of roof

Cooked moong dal


Car in danger

Changing used sanitary pad

Child eating her own poo

Cross burning

Cross fire spin

Cat entering house ... dreaming of houses, especially specific rooms in a house

Collecting wristwatch dream meaning

Carryinh about white plastic bags

Climbing on statue

Climbing on face of rock statue


Cooking monggo inmy dreams meaning

Clothes brush

Clay pot break with butter and buttermilk

Cutting a baby

Catching boyfriend having sex with a toddler

Cleaning a tombstone

Cleaning out wardrobe

Can a dream be opposit or negetive in real lives and why

Copyin someone in the exam on a dream

Cross flame


Church members

Carrying roofing sheets


Chewing tobacco

Collecting white coverall from a white man

Cokking snake

Cat having sex

Cooked corn

Chase and fighting a madwoman

Caught cheating in an exam

Consulting a traditional healer

Clown chasing you

Clothes getting wet

Clothes wet rain

Chasing someone

Crumbling door frame

Collecting cooking oil

Collecting red palm oil

Chikoo fruit in dream

Custred aaple

Catches fire from one pole to another dream symbolize


Climbing a black flagpole

Cat given two kids in my room gate


Cat given two kids white small and black big in my home

Cat given two kids white small and black big in my home i

Cat given two kids white small and black big

Cross hand palm lines

Concentric circles dream

Custard apple during pregnancy

Cow in pasture

Collecting cardamom in dream

Chasing of bird meaning

Cashewnut tree with fruits

Curd fallen

Click photo with a dead person


Carrying clothes on my head dream interpretation

Carrying clothes on my head

Car accident



Cleaning white hand bag

Climbing coconut tree

Cutting neem tree by someone

Call police

Chasing a baboon in the dream

Chasing baboons

Cashew tree with fruits in dreams

Clicking photo with dead man

Cutting okro in the dream

Colanut dream


Carrying a bunch of sugarcane

Cooked mutton and rice

Car loading in truck

Cracked tile

Colorful spider webs without spider

Chanting om namah shivaya in the dream

Catching a guinea pig dream meaning

Chasing by dogs

Carrying a leaking water


Coriander plants

Catching a cock in a dream meaning

Cow dream meaning

Cemetery fire

Coking kheer in dream

Crocodile in a pond

Cousin marrying me

Caring for baby animals

Clay stove in dream

Carrying a young girl

Cow refuses to move

Cooked millet

Coming out from gutter

Cutting liver in the dream

Climbing the tall building

Collecting kolanut in the dream

Carrying dirt on the head to go throw in water

Carry dirt on the head to go throw it

Cut without blood

Collecting chin chin

Coffine floating on the water

Coffin on water under

Crazy mom

Catching wild guinea fowl in a sense forest

Carrying bags of gun

Cooked beans stained my plates

Cooked beans with palm oil

Catching grasscutter animal

Cooked posho

Copper pot broken

Catching edible termite

Celebration of eid

Cassava chips

Cobra licking my neck


Crossing farm ridges

Carabao run dahil nagulat nagtatakbo


Child wearing a wedding dress

Crystal broke


Carrying a mattress,a small one and a big one

Cowife fighting me in the dream and later we became friends meaning

Cat peeing


Crack and eating of palm kernel in dream

Cooking yam in dream

Cutting a grass with cutlass in the dream

Cracking palm nuts in dream meaning

Chewing stick

Cutting a cows intestines in small pieces

Cutting animal intestines in small pieces

Cocoa pods

Connellsville pa

Cane of paneer


Child becomes older and then child again


Cut the lemon

Cat kiss my feet

Co wife conversation

Concrete missing roof

Cutting up a baby

Cooked taro leaves dream meaning

Cotton balls



Catch a dragonfly

Credit card

Colourful flowers

Cayman islands


Cubes with light

Catching a big cubes with white light

Capricorn goat

Colour green

Crab with lord shiva family

Conducting interview

Carrying a black bag suddenly my sister showed me lots of cattle ticks coming out of my bag

Cursed event

Cord around baby’s neck

Closed lotus

Called ugly

Carring cassava

Chicken heart

Cracked panes




Carrying a pot

Choki g

Chewing stick in the dream under a tree

Clowns killing people

Chased by a midget

Chased and separated from famliy

Child not being there when i turned round

Cant find my shoes

Cats sitting on my porch



Crowbar attack ducking


Cartoon character intiate

Cell phone exploded in face


Chia seeds in vagina

Cold sea

Crab lice

Cucumber jiuce

Crow turning to woman

Cherbium carrying me

Calling my name

Cloud turn to bats

Castor seed

Clear water submerging electricity

Cow heels dream

Cutting cake with someone and eating it together

Chasing drug s

Carry a pawpaw tree in the dream

Cant fnd shoes


Cooking meat with your grandfather in a dream

Collecting clean sand into a sack

Check engine light

Car warning light

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