Open back door at someones house


Old fat woman

Oil blue

Ox licking hand


One person showing like 4 person

Over flowing cups

Orchid burning

Orange suite

Old technology

Orange stripe cats playing

Oil drinking in dream

Obsessed female in dream

Old film

Others riding bike naked

Old clothings

Opening a portal to another world

Oregano tree in dream

Own face in water

One billion

Open wounded knees

Old woman dressed in red

Own shop


Ou robot od

Of giving money to children

Other making sel roti in dream meaning

Others got naked in your dream

Olive green shoes

Overwhelmed by the place

Old friend playing with his penis infront of my wife

Orange sky in a dream

On the grave

Orange snake coming out of wall

Opened back and seeing your ribs injury

Orange glitter sky

Old man blessing in dream

Of a robin

Of lobola being paid

Old dirty comfort room

Old dirty money

Old lady tailoring


One side of body longer

Old woman dresses white

Oil dripping on my head

Oil dripping on head

Old woman blrssings


One wants to exchange his phone with mine

Old owman giving a old dress

Old man giving a old dress

Of buying glo recharge card

Old hutch

Old clay pot

Octopus coming to attack me but i killed it

Offering one colanut with 8 lobes in dream means

Own birdal outfit

Own marriage

Old and poor woman getting rich after you meet them

Overflowing tea cup

Orthodox church in the dream

Open doors


Offer an opportunity to get a job


Okra meaning

Okro soup with eba in the dream

Offloading by someone

Ogbono seeds meaning in the dream

Open wound in arm with insects

Octopus tentacles

Old boyfriend

Outer space


Off delegate


October 7 atis fruit

Oga leaf

Out at home from the vagina in the dream means what

Orange saree

Old persoon

Old man without nose

Outside at night

Ocean whirlpool

Old friend bad intentions

Opposing armies

Old women blesding

Ocean with blood


Oleander flower


October 10


Owl plus 2 owlets

Owl with 2 owlets

Other women squeezing her milk out of nipples

Oil in head for path

Old woman praying for me in a dream

Ordering briyani

Old food

Old dog being kicked out of the house

Old man died


Oily hands dream meaning

One paying your debt

Over ripe fruit


Older women giving me a white and gold rosary



Overfill bathroom

Orange juice

Offering kumkum to mother in law

Old suitcase in attick


Oil massage on hair in dream

Owning a hotel

Onion in masjid

Oil poured in hands

Oil being poured in hands

Orange leaf falling


Orange on nose

One person eating polystyrene, the other eating fruit

Old wolf

Owning 5 white ducks in adream

Organ trafficking

Of an envelop address to some who has past with meat in it

Oral sex on self


Othello game

Oral sex dream meaning islam



On boat in very rough sea

On my dream seeing dogs eating my use sanitary pad

Old friend

Old women dying

Old lady selling new clothes

Oc turning into tv

Overflowing pool water

Old gloves

Overloaded car

Overloaded in a car



Orange leaves falling from the trees around white buildings

Oppression meaning

Open casket

On a cruise ship

One night

Old man giving

Old lady wearing red saree

Oral bee sting

Owns death

On the hand

Orange ball deformed

Objects coming alive

Objects transforming

Objects interacting

Others taking clothes

Old woman swindling me

Old woman cheating me

Old woman scamming me

Orange snake with black dots

Objects coming from the sky

Opposition leader

Offering in a church full of people

On moutain

Of not getting a check

Owl eagle and a lion in a dream

Old apt

Old friend who has passed

Okpa dream meaning

Okpa in a dream

Open eyes

Owl with crusty eyes

One leg missing of spectacle


Orange and yellow marigold

One regrets in your dream

Open metal stairs

Oil poured on hands

Others’ feet, denotes

Other persons feet

Oil on hair

Oil on body

Overcoming fear of water

O!x friend

Orange seeds

Other faces coming at you

Om namah shivaya

One eyed cat

One single yellow hibiscus on my bed in a dream what’s the meaning?



Oxygen regulator leaking


Orange kittens

Orange fruit inside coconut


Old house and doors are open

Of webbed

Over growth

Old house burned down

Old house burnedvdown

Onions falling from the sky

Oil lamp off in a dream

Oyster with many pearls

On a boat left behind

Ocean rising running so not washed away

Opposite sex human being

Old women praying for you


Ocean highway

Of walking in the backyard

Old friends who have passed

Opening of oldshop

Ocean water receding and returning

One shoe float away in a river


Of eating deer balls

Old maid dream

Own hairs turned white but some are still black

One eyed baby

Owl kitten


One day i saw a (semi-familiar man) eating cashew nuts out of a jar but i never thought about it. i also dreamed about it. when i told that dream to that person he was very surprised because the shape of the jar seen in the dream matched perfectly.

Olive green door

Onynx ring



Opening a manhole and i see yellow muddy stool beside septic tank

Obstacles on road

Of paster cursing inside the church in a dream

Old man stalking

Opposite word of sweet

One night stands dream

Open drawer

Overflow milk

Orangish kitten

Overpaid dream

Overpaid in dream


Oily long hair

Opened paper clip

Opening treasure chests

Own property

Ornamental plants

Oil and water

Old house with photo

Operation on a friend

Old sandals

Okro in dream

Old dress in godrej

Old woman selling calamansi fruit

Open restroom door

Open restroom

Oil gushing out on a hand

Ordering bitter kola

Ordering bitter kola in your dream

Old woman attacked me

Old man blessding you in a dream means what

Old man bleeding you in a dream means what

Old women in pink saree

Old women in red saree

Old friends and bright colour lights

On top of kolanut tree in dream

Objects come out of the body

Oha leave

Old abound trainblack

Old abound train


Owl killed

Onion leeks

Other people fighting


On a boat with large waves

Oak tree falling down

Orange sand

Opening a closet door


Owl following me

Over grown grass

Over grown back yard

Overgrown wild jungle

Offer you drink

Old dolfin

Oil refinery

Oral surgery

Over flowing bath

Okro in my hands

Old woman in the dream means




Obese child

Overflowing pool

Overflowing poo

Objects and cars falling from the sky

Older woman falls in well

Object coming out of nose

Over flooding river

Own chura ceremony

Objects fallin from sky

Old coupl

Oilbean meaning

Orange sky

Oil pouring in hand means

Old and new graves being dug up

Oriental carpet

Oak ridge road

Overnight guest

Others people’s tongues

Oil boiler

Old wall hanging s


Old shoes burn

Old shoes burning

One gold coin with sparkles around it, flipped to me

Owing school fees

Old cheqi together with new ones


One day left to live

Over spending

Operating table

Old lady in white make you sleep

Old neighborhood


Offered ketchup to drink

Of a witch

Owl and skull

Old men talking about negotiations

Orcestra stop

Oven mit

Oral sex

One horned animal having very very long horned

Owning a banana plantation

Opportunity shop


Old man die in my dream

Offering kumkum

Old television

Orange envelope

Old place dream means

One shoe floating away

Organized a party no one showed up

Old man in white

Old boyfriend who died

Obsta les

Open grave

Oil igniting fire

Orange rosebud

Orange gem

Out of body experience

Of a golden sword

Orange tornado

Orange whirlwind

On leg

Old woman

Orb of light

Orb of light death

Offering red tika on my forehead

Old tyre burning


Open mouth lock jaw

Old woman in dreams

Oil change

Orange flames

Orange glow

Orange glow in a fire place

One of my slippers cut in the dream

O mining

Old fashioned telephone

Old woman crotcheting

Ogbno seeds dream interpretation

Overflowing noodle

Overflowing urine

Opening the door for someone

Overspending money

Oral stitches

Old woman in white


Orange the fruit

Orange colour blossoms


Offwhite stone

Of a person not having arms and legs

On top of a roof dream

Old blind woman naked

Old blind woman healing me

Old building

Ocean waves turn into sand

Oral sex with ex boyfriend

Offloading water

On a boat sailing away to another contry


Overflowing foamy water

Old house

Ost diamond

Old sandal

On vacation with estranged family

Objects taking up too much space

Old friend that stopped talking to you

Okro meaning

Oil bean in a dream

Out of business store

Old naked man

Old woman white dress

Old couch sofa set

Only sweet potato in dreams

Orange colour

On fire

One eyed green monster

Our lady of fatima

Old schoolmates

Old widow lady wearing a new dress in dream

Old widow lady wearing a new dress

Oiled egg

Old house of old woman

Organ hanging from vagina

Opening in the clouds

Of jaggery


On your knees

Organizing closets

One of my slippers cut in dream

Old woman in old saree meaning


Old suit

Orange working suit

Orange lionfish

Over flowing pond, fish, lotus plucking


Okd lady with three eyes

Of broken steering wheel to repair

Old job and ex

Old wooden boat

Objects coming out of ear

Of old boyfriend


One big gush of water like a tsunami

Oil on road

Owl with glowing eyes

Opening up of cooking pot

Orange, full ,moon in dream

Ocean changes in dreams

Orange chameleon bite hands

Orange chameleon bite my hands

Owning a coffee stand

Opening a refrigerator

Old woman at my door

Old clothes

Orange lilies

Onyx rings

On toilet

Onion pizza

Over cook in oven

Odd one out



Ocean and party

One shoe swept away by water in a dream

Old woman in black

Olf woman ik black

Opening safety box with money and papers in side

Out of car and car keeps on moving

October 6

Only a friend

Offering kumkum to lard hanuman

Overwatering houseplants

Oil bean


Own wedding with no bridegroom

Old man giving mr money in dream

Obstacles in travel dream

Oral sex mother doing

Other family members are wrestling

Old woman in dream

Ocean sharks

Old work colleages

Old workmates

Olive oil soap

Old board house

O see

Oil strain

Other people naked

Onion removed and replaced with cactus

Operation ending in death

Operation on the mouth


Overflowing clear water from a toliet

Otto bin

Old workplaces

Owl gliding in car with niece


Old woman praying in a dream

On the driver side of a car moving

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