Falling into dark waters

Fake gold ring

Fell pole

Fell pole in dream


Fabric in a store

Fabric in a store in your dream means

Fabric in a store dream means

Flying clear sky

Flying around oak tree

Fufu interpretation in a dreamhttps://www.dreamencyclopedia.org/pounding-fufu-dream

Fufu interpretation in a dream

Former boss not doing well

Flying guinea pig

Flying bat urine


Fish and penis

Fish coming out the penis

Fingers in the mouth of something

Fight with animal

Fingers in the mouth of a cow but not bitten

Fingers in the mouth of a cow

Floating stone

Footprints in the sky

Flowering red tree

Fear of seeing wolf in a dream


Fictional character

Fake parents

Fried shrimp

Forgotten dream

Feathers being pulled out


Finding taweez

Friends boyfriend

Flying bolder of rocks towards you

Flying rock towards you

Female body part

Fabulous female brests

Ferris wheels

Fence to collapse in d dream

Fingering vigina in dream with crush girl

Fruits in freeze in dream meaning

Fish and water in a dream



Foundation of house collapse

Floating shoe

Four people look alike

Friends mom putting oil on my hair


Fighting sand

Found a very mascular status

Falling of hair

Fighting my brother

Foral shirt


Finding lost mangalsutra

Ferryboat upon shallow bay waters

Forehewd bruised

Forehead bruised

Fake neckless

Father penis


Fish in peises

Friend speaking french

Friend abused by her boyfriend

Folded white paper


Falling of bufallo in dream

Fecal dreams

Found death of rat


Finding money in a grave

Flowing water in field

Finding a gold ring in the soil

Floral, dress

Fire in the workplacs

Fuscia plant in my dream

Fig tree from a deceased mother to her daughter

Flckering light

Fighting vikings

Feeding dead person

Flamboyante man

Friends eye color changed to blue

Fingering my ass a friend

Father and daughter having intercourse

Friend wearing short pants or skirt


Flower blossoming from


Fish come out live in my mouth

Falling in water fully clothed

Folded blankets meaning

Former colleague


Father in law in dream and giving money

Falling tulasi pot meaning

Faling down from train

Falling downward

Falling slowly


Fingers being bitten


Found someone in car trunk

Father cleaning earwax from son


Falling into dark water

Fufu and mellon soup in the dream

Favourite kpop idol

Free dreaming meaning

Family distant

Family member in tent home

Family member far away

Flames on car bonnet

Falling glass

Fresh black grapes

Flood in the workplace

Four corner junctions in dream

Four noble truths

Fingered in my sleep

Feeding curd rice to baby in dream

Fucking an ladies in dreams

Foreign number

Fighting family

Falling palate

Friend exam

Flying backwards in the dream means

Food scraps


Feeding a child with sugar cane

Flying angles meaning

Father white shirt

Fruit feel on my head

Future family

Falling from train


Falling in water with clothes on

Fixing up an old house

For one to break saw blade

Friend stealing boyfriend

Flower blooming and smelling

Flower blooming and smelling ut

Flying pots

Filth in underwear

Finding sugarcane and cutting it in the dream what does it mean

Find my lost bag dream meaning

Fingering a friend in the dream

Falling inside ewedu soup

Floral dress in a dream

Flying chase

Floating angels

Feeling sad with dying person

Fetching water from a tap to fill a truck

Football dream

Floating plastic teddy near

Father that passed on, naked in my dream

Friend flirting with boyfriend

Father homosexual


Friends wife

Falling to knee

Friends with no legs

Feces ceiling



Fish flesh



Foot with sore


Father’s penis in picture


Former neighbour died

Fish falling from heaven in a dream



Feather coming out of the anus

Feather coming out of anus

First sun sets then rises again but hides behind clouds

Foot backwards

Fallen out frend



Friends asking to get new pair of shoes in dream


Fruit that fell on yiur head

Feet in the mud

Flight boarding


Finger webbed hands

Flood and father

Flood in dream

Fairy landing on finger

Falling and coming out of a grave in dream

Frat home in my a dream

Frat home in mind a dream

Friendly demon

Forcing me for sex but i was crying and not ready for it

Frilly skirt

Fetching water in a weelbarrow

Fighting with close family member

Fighting buffalos

Finding white worm in green apple


Fat cock

Failling to grind corn in a dream

Falling sun

Falling of magsutra in dream

Falling of the sun

Flying without wings..dreams come true

Field fire indians and getting money

Fruit cake dream



Fairy lights


Family angry at me

Face in the clouds dream

Fingering my cousin and make her cum


Frying buns in the dream

Food given by father

Flock of ducks

Flower heads falling off

Fighting pigeons

Flying helicipter

Fat and happy

Flaoting and flying through thae air

Flying spuder

Familer with star





Frying papad in dreams

Fried meat out of freezer

Female taxi driver

Found a lost mobile phone in my dream

Fire shink

Fine puppy with eyes not open

Full bath tub no plug

Fish and prawn

Flour spilling

Frame with black dot

Forced blood transfusion

Feet blood

Fence falling in the wind




Fufu meaning of in your dream

Filling. a pitcher

Found many wristwatch dream meaning

Fishbones as sperm


Falling from sky

Flame cross

Fish bitting foot in a dream meaning




Friend lost weight

Finger put in ear

Friend’ sister

Fellatio as a threat

Finding a bloody centipede in underwear

Finding a briefcase

Fishook in my hands

Football team has lost the game

Flowers in mountain

Falling from tree



Frozen sweet potatoes

Faulty generator in the dream

Food multiplication

Falling love with enemy

Female orgasm


Fighting with tokolose


Feasting with the president

Falling in heavy snow


Feet lick


Female wearing d same clothes with a man in a dream

Female wearing d same clothes with a nan in a dream

Father in law gifting gold

Fallen cement pillar

Friend cooking okro in the dream

Feeding wild animals

Flying gorward and falling


Feeling ashamed

Flying backwards

Fast moving

Fresh maize

Fish on ice

Front tire on a bicycle

Friend wearing dark sunglasses

Friend wearing sunglasses

Frowning in a dream means what


Finding lost slipper and wear again

Father in law gave money a dream

Feces in the straw

Father inlaw drunk

Fabi flu side effects

Finger millet

Falling in gutter but coming out quickly

Feeding a fawn

Fruit with thorns

Finding my lost slipper

Friend getting eaten by a lion

Flogging an old woman in a dream

Fighting with someone


Fried chicken

Failing to complete tasks at work

Fermented milk

Farm burnt

Fire under bed in a dream

Feeling horny and wanting sex

Finding a grave

Fingering me in the dream

Father falling backward off roof

Frying in the air

Free pornsitting royal king mean

Feet worship

Fabric softeners

Fondling the breast of another woman

Flying down

Fufu in a sliver basin

Fighting for money in dream

Fish scales on my legs

Flying ships

Finding a golden key

Finding gold cufflinks

Finding good cufflinks

Flying a kite with a thick heavy chain instead of a string

Flushed dog down toilet

Fetch water from a borehole

Former girlfriend

Fliping coin lost bet

Father having a stroke

Finding a license

Fingering in vagina

Filtering water in the dream

Father fighting

Fighting with fathet

Fuck you watchers

Flying saucers and aliens

Flying aliens


Flzing sheep

Friend bought blue silk saree

Flying object


Finger in assholw


Family of holyprophet

Family of prophet

Filling a bottle of water

Falling mountain

Floating in the water

Flying in a sir plane while snowing

Falling out of love

Friend john


Friend john sitting with brother

Fish out of virgina

Fishing in ice cold sea



Food on face

Falling in love for a lady

Falling for a lady

Father naked

Flying pig

Find tickets

Food coming out of nose in a dream

Frog jumping on you

Foreign language in a dream means what

Firework explosion

Finding treasure lake

Friend give me pink dupatta

Feeding a bear


Family in prison

Flying on the back of a pheonix

Flying on a pheonix

Fiancé will not marry me

Finding coins on beach

Falling wristwatch

Friend wearing half saree

Fighting a leopard

Friend angry

Friend kicking a dog


Friend commits suicide


Forucer on bottom of foot

Friends of friends

Friends of exes

French toast

Faces formed in clouds

Feeling pain from a lump beside the breast

Feeling pain from a limp

Falling stars

Flying a drone


Flying eagle carrying snake

Flashing lights

Fear and betrail

Forced into basement

Forced into basement by family

Family stabbing al family

Famous celebrity given money

Friend is is being kidnapped

Friend is being taken

Fighting over money

Femails fighting

Falling down elevator

Found a car key

Foreskin too small

Foreskin too small for penis head


Flying above green grasses in dreams

Flying few feet above the ground in your dream

Fresh ,growing ,waterleaf in the dream

Fruit flies trapped in vagina then freed

Falling black vortex

Falling into a black hole

Father being shot in head

Frying potatoes in the dream

Fighting of women and men in dream

Fun ride down a dirt hill

Father with suitcase

Flying with an eagle

Frozen jade plant

Feng shui words

Fling monkey

Forest trail

Friend’s wedding

Fish bones


Flowing water with a skeleton floating in it

Flapping arms to fly

Forgetting which class to go to

Forgetting combination to locker

Floating coffins

Fish fin

Fighting sparrows

Fure truck

Floor separating

Front door is closed with light shining through it

Fish hooks on body meaning

Fish swimming in kitchen sink

Feel in love

Feel in love with a beauty women

French kissing a princess

Front hair shaved in the dream

Folded pink curtains

Flaming sword in boys dresm

Flaming and sword


Fish coming out vagina

Flying on a mystical elephant

Feral white dog


Female dog menstruation

Father dead again

Fadeing landscape


Falashio on self

Floral fabric

Falling from the sky

Floating on a boat together surrounded by water

Floating on a boat together alone surrounded by water

Falling through a basement door

Fire on ship

Find a lost dog

Friends congratulates me and my partner for keeping each other safe

Food on silver platter

Fake tan

Flying stick

Flying wood stick

Fertility herb

Flying trucks

Found gold jewelry

Found a gold band

Found a gold ring

Flower crown


Former neighbor and food



Fish head

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