Not wanting to be a second wife

Networking line

Not wanting a turquoise necklace

New man lying to you

New guy lying to you

No vu

New sarees arranges on floor

Navy blue box in a car

Navy blue box

Not being strapped into a fair ride properly


Not a close friend dreaming me living in slums


Natarajar in dream

Neighbor of my native home died and his wife doing some unusual prayer and pooja

Number ii

Non ornamental flowers

Not being able to get to destination

Nikola tesla

Nipa house for store



Needle prick on the cheek


Naked in dream inside the church

Nesting swan

Nude saint

Naked ex girlfriend

New book

Note books

Nakedness in the dark

Name is number 10

Names under numbers

Number 21

Nipple discharge

Naked sisiter

Nails breaking

Neck tie knot

Nuwe huis

New plinth in dream

Nigerian breadfruit

New cellphone

Number 0


Needles and pins from mouth

Never ending pee

Not wearing the best cloth for traditional marriage in the dream

Nuclear explosions

Need results in hindi

Nausea in a relative

Nibble ear

Naming ceremony in the dream


Neon snakes

Naked in the churuch

Naming a baby

Naked unknown women in dreams

New zealand

Nail cutter


Nail rotten

Needle and thread swinging in hair

Notebook inside water

Navy blue

Naming a child yannis

No screen in window


Native doctor healing

New furnish house

Not able to reach brakes

Numbers to play when you dream about breadfruit

Nude sport

Nude golfing

Natasha john

Naked in work

No towels

No speech


Not falling from a high mountian

New baby sister

No broken glass

Ngiphuphe ngidla i apula

Native pear

Near miss in bicycle accident


Name read

Need to buy anise

Not talking to someone you lovw



Numbers in clouds

Nipple and eye


Neighbours kids

Not making a good roti

Naked reverend

Naked pastor

Naked mother wet hair


Numerical value of alphabet

Natural gas smell


Not fitting through a door

Non-sensical words

Neo nazis

Narrow platform



Number precognitive

Not happy because of overloaded car

Not dressed in a uniform for work

Naked celebrity


Not coming home

Not finding white plate

Nails being staple


Numbers for lotto is what

Nipa in a dream?


Necklace shining red


New plastic shoes gift

Nail break

New cast iron spiral staircase

Not having work uniform


Nature of the contents

Neice dreams aunt died


Not having a script

Nailing up a casket

New cloths

Not knowing babies birthday

New botn

Naked with dead ex in bed

Not sure what time

Naked father

Not invited to family party

Normal looking cute guy is really a midget

Not seeing well in blackboard

Needles in foot

No more contact

Naked father in law

Nightmares; sex.

Nreasts full of lumps

No shirt on walking

Not enough food for your guests

Number for sm

Naked from the waist down

No genitalia

Naked man no genitalia wrinkled skin

Nail polish falls off toes

Nail polish comes off

Nieces husband

Naked kinner amd dancing asking for money

New zinc in a dream

New zinc

New car gifts

Note in foreign language

Net falling on top of you

Not ready for christmas

Neem leaves comes in dreams


Needles in nose

Nine one one

Naked and resist putting clothes

Naked in street and cannot get clothes on

Nose diseased and fell off

Nipples fell off

Not being able to have sex

Not being able to have sec

New identity

Not being able to swallow a pill

Neem herb

Newly wedding couple in dream

Nipple bitten in a dream while fighting means




Nice bears in backyard

No brakes on my rv

Nose kiss in the dream

No seat available for me at church

Needles in my mouth

Never ending descent

Nose water


Nearly hit by a bus

Nipples with hair

Neck tattoo

Naked headless man

Naked premature baby

New born sister

Not remembering locker combination

Not remimbering

Numbers falling from a clock

Not invited to sit down at table

Not invited to dinner

Nut cracker supari

New creature

Nikka in my dream

New car driving peae fully

New car driving

No pants or underwear in public in a dream

Needing the toilet

Naked mad woman dream meaning

Neem branches with green leaves

Number 33


Nav vivahit jode ko sapne me dekhna

Night sun

Newly born carabao

Neck swollen

Nephew in jail

Naked women booty

Night time seeing planets in the sky


Nude genitalia

Nude bottom

Nude bortom

No genitals

Navy front door


Not dry climate


Neglected farm

New prophet

Neem tree in dream what it means

Nipple falling

Not allowing someone to set fire in your coalpot

New house regret


New iron kettle


No breast

Not being able to grab onto something

Nursing kitten

Night clothes floating

Not eating

Newborn having seizure

Near miss car accident

Nose mask

Naked mother in dream

Not in drivers seat


Numbers in birthday


Near able to complete a task

Needle black thread intangled


New rafters

New bank notes

Nude pond

New apartment and garage

New condo

No ceiling

Numbers saying in a dream


Native american ceremony

Native lodge

Naked wife

Naked wife in bed

Native indian on a horse


Nedels in clothes

Narrow dark staircase

Narrow staircase up

Note book dream

Non posiouness snakes

Narcotics anonymous


Name sign

Newborn baby not thriving

Naked brother


News paper delivery



Not safe

New mortal and pestle


Nataraja god idol

Naked deceased

No one is happy with me when i was bride no groom was der

No fish

Never ending house

Not being able to fulfill mother wish


Naked; unable to hide

Name alliette


Native chalk

Notebook pages flipping

Need tree and leaves dream



Nasal mucus

Naked vagina dream meaning

Not fighting back in dream

Not being able to scream

Nativity scene



Naked butt of a person you know

Naked public

No longer love my partner

Number 3

Nude man

Niece giving birth tripplets


Neighbor interested in me


Nail in finger

Need to stop car and i cannot

Name c

Name called by living daughter

Nun dressed in white

Not finding my car

Naked best friend girl kiss

Naked best friend girl girl kiss

No trousors

Naked cadaver

Needles in tongue

Not prepared

News reporter dream meaning

Naked lady on motorcycle

Never see their faces

News reporter



New soles appearing


Numbered stars

Nursing a baby boy

No shoes socks only

Numbers in stars

Numbers of animals

Number 562

Not listening

Nesting kildeer

Nysc uniforms

New wrapper

Naked wife going to mailbox

Ngiphuphe ngise butchery ngabona inyama yenkomo inenayo inhloko kodwa inamanqina nomsila okuneskhumba kodwa yona unkomo ingena so inamanoni amaningi a hlophe ngasika umsila ngajabula

New silver shoes muddy and torn apart

Naked on the toilet

Nude girls

Naked woman and fighting

No shoes

Name changed

Needle in skin

Naked prophetess

Naled prophetess

New son

Number five

Not being able to find an exit

Not wanting to be held

Not having a plate at a buffet

Neem branch leaves fruit


New travel tralier

No torso

New beginning


Nine months

Name title

Number twenty threw

Naked mom falling down stairs

New boiler

New building drams

Newborn baby talking

Newborn baby talking to me

Number 72

Nans flat

Nose fell out


New tall house

Naked celeb in dream

Number for a fish, pisces, clear water, fishing net, two man fishing

Number for a fish, pisces, clear water, fishing net, two man fishing,

New big house

Nude person in bathtub

Not to touch

Number fourteen

Not able to remember passwords

Naked in public

Nail through the arm

New construction building in my compound in the dream

New construction of new building in my compound

Nzu eating

Number 5 dream symbol

No money for coffee

No degree

Naked couple hugging

Naan church

Nail polish

Nuptial chain

New house with a new baby

No eyes dream

Negative dreams about dead husband

Naked woman floating in water


Need and thread in blood

Neighbour gives me jaggery meaning

No penis

Naked tv personality

Name peter

Naked aged woman walking sith attitude

Not seeing my self in dreams

Newspaper stand

Numerous escaping birds

Nuclear waste

Nuclear waste river

No socks

New flooring

Nail in shoe

Navy blue clothing

Netflix building

Number 69

Naseberry fallen off tree

Naked grandmother in a dream what does that mean

Nipple turns into snake

Name in book

Naked my self and a boy see my naked legs

New sofa

Naked men with guns

Number on a key

Not being able to eat

Noodle worm in food

Noodle work in food

Noise from closing door

Natural disasters

Newborn baby still attached to its cord in a pot of boiling water and potatoes

Naked bath of death relative

Nude and showering

No sex on honeymoon

Naked morher

Naked inside church

Naked inside the church

Naked man inside the church

Nylon thread

Nose pin broken

No kitchen

Non brilliant gem


Nail i head

Not finding way home

Note saying front porch complete

Never ending hallway

Needs to sharpen pencil goes to his friends company to sharpen pencil and meets friends owner and is drinking champayne with him

Not being able to talk

Nuclear weapons

Naked wife in a dream

Naked grandchildren

Not being able to get up from fall

Negotiation of lobola means what in dream

Nipa house

Nestling owl

Night wear

Nipple falling off


Not being ready suitcase packing

Not able to get to work. everything getting in my way


Neglected fish tank dream

Ninety nine

Naked in public i dream

New house a bi home

Neibor want barow towels

Naked women with snake tounge

Newborn arrives as a 2 year old

Naartjies dream

Needing to go to the bathroom

Native american teepee

Nan sitting down in mud

New house, baby girl in carrage

Naked in front a pastor

Nose infection

Number eleven

Niece running for along with you but separated by a wire fence

Nasal septum

Not seen

Not being seen

Not being seen in the open


Not prepared for christmas

New cheap cars



Not finding someone

Natural disaster

Not being taller than tall people

No door knob on door


Not being able to breathe

Not crossing an obstacle

No shoes at a funeral

Nails being cut by someone known

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