The meaning of Piercing in dream | Dream interpretation

1. Sexual intercourse, penetration.

2. An act of social defi­ance or conformity, depending on one’s attitudes toward pierc­ing.

3. Regrets over harsh or “sharp” words said out of turn (to have a pierced tongue or lip).

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

Dreams about getting pierced can simply reflect your wish to do this in real life. This dream can also mean you will experience feelings of distance with a friend, because of differences in your personalities.

If you dream of someone else getting pierced, it indicates jealousy of that person or something they have.

If you dream of getting your tongue pierced, it could mean you have been gossiping or lying and you should stop.

My Dream Interpretation | myjellybean

A piercing is a form of adornment through what appears to be painful means.

The fact that the adornment itself is a reminder of the breaking of the flesh that it took to create it is a part of the message inherent in this particular brand of self-expression and appeals to young people and a fringe of subculture in society.

If you are someone with piercings, such an image in a dream may simply be a reflection of your personal worldview. However, if such a look is outside of your milieu, there may be a call toward attending to something that relates to the area of your body that is being pierced.

A tongue relates to your voice and things you would like to say.

A navel is more connected to gut feelings and your instincts. Your ears indicate a need to pay more attention to the messages that are being presented to you.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams | Dr. Mıchael Lennox

Piercing Your Ear In A Dream | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Piercing


(Boring) Piercing a hole in a dream means deception. Piercing a hole in a stone in a dream means investigating someone in authority. Piercing a hole in the wall of a citadel in a dream means being obsessed with virgin girls and desiring to deflower them. Piercing in a dream also means spying, pursuing someone’s tracks, desecrating one’s earnings by bringing unlawful money into them, or it could mean deterioration in the conduct of one’s children. Digging an underground tunnel in a city in a dream means searching for someone. Digging an underground tunnel to reach the inside of a house in a dream means trying to court a woman, exerting an irresistible influence on her, then luring her to deceive her.

(Also see Tunnel)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


Ifone sees himselfpiercing a hole in a pearl in a dream, it means that he will give a valuable commentary on Qur’anic interpretations.

(See Daniel; Nose ring)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


Because metal is a conductor of energy, heat and power, dreams of piercing one’s body signifies the desire to amplify power or rank within a social circle.

The significance of the piercing is based upon which part of the body is pierced.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Strangest Dream Explanations