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Grease Dream Meanings

What does Grease mean in dream?

Grease | Dream Meanings


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream you are in grease, is significant of travels being enjoyed with disagreeable but polished strangers.


New American Dream Dictionary

1. Want to smooth the way of something.

2. If covered with grease, it indicates one has been working very hard at some­thing.

3. To achieve an end one may have to get dirty.


Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of grease reflect that you are receiving assistance in moving forward in your life. Perhaps you are receiving financial support or encouragement to grease your wheels as you move forward in life.


My Dream Interpretation

To dream about grease, suggests that things have been rocky for you lately. You need to get your life straightened out and running smooth again.


Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1- Grease in a dream makes us aware that we perhaps have not taken as much care in a situation as we should have done. We have created circumstances which do not give us an adv antage and could be ‘slippery’ or uncomfortable.

2- We should use better judgement before putting ourselves at risk. Grease may also signify making things easier for ourselves.

3- Grease has two spiritual meanings in dreams. It may represent either simplicity or contamination. It will be up to the dreamer, depending on the other circumstances in the dream to decide which applies.


Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Lubrication; Oil) In a dream, grease is a sign of distress or depression.

If one sees himselfsmearing his hair with excess grease, and if grease starts to run over his face in a dream, it means adversities, burdens and a painful depression. Ifit is a normal quantity, then it means beautifying oneself.

If the grease smells bad in the dream, it means sarcastic praises equivalent to the degree of its stench, or it could represent a prostitute, or an insolent man. 194 Rubbing oneselfwith mercury or a fragrant cream mixed with musk in a dream means hearing favorable praises and earning a good reputation. Lubricating someone else’s head in a dream means evil and the subject should take precautions toward the one greasing his head. Having ajar of grease or cream to rub one’s body with it or to apply it to others in a dream means fawning, adulation, flattery, hypocrisy, falsehood or backbiting, etcetera. Ifone sees his own face rubbed with grease in a dream, it means a lifetime of abstinence and religious fasting. Rubbing oneself with a cream as a treatment or as a medicine to lessen one’s pain in a dream means that one will correct himself, or save money as a bridal dower or as a down payment toward a purchase. (Also see Lubrication; Stuffed turkey)


New American Dream Dictionary

An attempt to disguise insecurities.