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(arb. Jumu’a, the sixth day of the week.) Recognizing Friday, the sixth day of the week in which the believers gather for their congregational prayers in a dream means receiving God’s blessings, recuperating a lost property, receiving compensation for one’s losses, and changes in his financial conditions from tightness to ease. Ifone sees people gathered to pray the congregational Friday prayers at the grand mosque while he is still in his house or shop, and ifhe hears the call and segments of their prayers, or if he suspects people to be leaving the mosque to return to their homes in the dream, it means loss of his status in that town. Ifonejoins the congregational prayers in the dream, it means that he will receive protection and honor in that town. Ifone thinks it is Friday in his dream, then the meaning will be more pejorative than laudatory. Joining the congregational Friday prayers in a dream also may connote a pleasant journey with anticipation of a financial reward one may receive. Joining the Friday congregational prayers in a dream is a sign of joy and living to join one of the two festive congregational prayers of the end of Ramadan or that of the pilgrimage season.

The Friday congregational prayers in a dream also represents the pilgrimage of the poor people, or satisfying one’s debts. It also means anticipating a relaxed financial conditions, or meeting with an old friend or a beloved after a long separation.

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Dream Of Friday | Dream Interpretation

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