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Dreams of dessert represent celebration, festivities, and reward for hard work or accomplishment. Consider whether you were able to savor the flavor of your just desserts, or if you were too preoccupied with guilt to truly enjoy it.

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It is always a very fortunate omen to dream that you are eating ripe fruit.

If the fruit, however, is not ripe, or has been kept too long, expect business losses.

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Our society is obsessed with food, especially with tasty, fattening food, making something as seemingly simple as dessert a rich source of symbolic associations. Desserts can represent enjoying the good things of life, indulgence, overindulgence, celebration, reward, and temptation. Because they are served at the end of the meal, they often indicate the final stage or the completion of a project.

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See Eating, Fruit, Food, etc.

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To dream about a delectable dessert means that you are experiencing the benefits of satisfaction, fulfillment, or desire. You are taking pleasure in the positive events in life.

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To dream of eating a delicious dessert means you will be rewarded for a job well done.

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To dream of eating a rich dessert indicates that you will enjoy some luxury that formerly you have had to go without.

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To see a tasty dessert in your dream represents indulgence, celebration, reward, or temptation. You are enjoying the good things in life. Whenever you dream of savoring sweet treats such as honey, biscuits, pies, cakes or desserts, your unconscious may be expressing satisfaction with your circumstances at present or, in some cases, compensating you for their bitterness. To dream that you are eating raisins could suggest a damaging lack of self-confidence but it could also suggest nourishing benefits that are as unexpected as they are welcome.

If molasses features in your dream, this defines a factor in your life that can provide much-needed energy or motivation; this factor may well appear as a result of the hospitality of others. To see popcorn in your dream suggests that you are full of ideas. It may also indicate that you have developed an idea that is now accomplished and ready to make its mark on the world.

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Treating oneself. Each person deserves treats in life.

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You are looking to reward yourself or sweeten things up a bit. This is also a symbol that relates to overindulgence and attempts to control yourself. Dessert is often seen as something to be resisted, so your relationship to the dessert in your dream will offer you deeper shades of meaning.

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Vision: Eating chocolate-covered desserts means you love to exaggerate. Your imagination is running away with you! See Chocolate.... Dreamers Dictionary


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